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By on May 21, 2007 with 0 Comments By Wayne Pacelle

You’ve probably heard the story of the blind man touching the elephant and thinking that the elephant is just the tail or the trunk. 

In the world of animal protection organizations, The HSUS is the biggest of them all—akin, in some ways, to the elephant or the whale. And if you’ve only touched The HSUS through one of our many programs, you may not comprehend the scope of our work.


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We have created a new logo designed to touch people with a simple image or icon that paints a more vivid picture of our work. 

There are three elements of this logo worth spotlighting. First, there are 18 different animals in the logo. These are animals of all types, visually demonstrating that we work to protect all animals—not just predators, or dogs and cats, or farm animals. Your HSUS is there for all animals.

Second, the animals collectively represent a map of the United States. This configuration conveys the national reach of our work. The industries that do harm to animals—factory farming, the fur trade, animal fighting syndicates, puppy mills—are of a national and global scope, and they cannot be successfully challenged at a local level alone. 

Third, you won’t see images of injured or bloodied animals. While we work to fight against abuse and exploitation, and while we expose the consequences of human-caused cruelty when we must, we imagine a world where animals are healthy and alive. We celebrate the lives of animals, and that’s our goal—to prevent cruelty and to see them healthy and well.


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The founders of The HSUS in the 1950s saw a need for an organization that could confront national cruelties. In 2007 and beyond, The HSUS has never been more capable in confronting these industries and shielding animals from cruelty and abuse. 

More than ever, we want you to join us in helping us advance our mission. We welcome your help in any way you choose to participate. But more than ever, we need you engaged in the many dimensions of our work. When we have informed and engaged citizens on our side, guided by the principle of human responsibility and mercy, we can change our country and our world for the better. 

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