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By on June 14, 2007 with 0 Comments By Wayne Pacelle

On Monday I told you about my friend Jana Kohl and her adopted dog Baby. Though it’s painful to hear, it is at times important to focus on the suffering that animals endure, as a reminder of what we are working to prevent in the future.

White poodle rescued from puppy mill
Baby, after she was rescued from a
puppy mill.

Because the puppy mill owner did not want to be disturbed, he cut Baby’s vocal chords with a scissors so she couldn’t bark.

Because the puppy mill owner did not want to clean up after Baby, she was confined in a cramped cage with a chicken wire floor—that was her living space.

One day, Baby’s left front leg was broken. The leg was left untreated for more than 10 years, and ultimately had to be amputated.

Sadly, Baby’s story is just one of many that have come across our desks at The Humane Society of the United States. Stories arrive daily of dogs with physical ailments and emotional scars who survived long enough to make it out of the puppy mill, and some who died not long after.

Puppy mills operate largely out of sight and out of mind, but The HSUS is working hard to shine the light on this unseen industry. Today, we need your support to help save dogs like Baby and stop the cruel cycle of puppy mills. I hope you’ll consider making a donation.

Your gift will provide the critical resources we need to investigate and expose this brutal industry, advocate for stricter regulation and enforcement, and educate the public. And then, ultimately, put this inhumane industry out of business for good.

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