Talk Back: Dog Days

By on June 27, 2007 with 0 Comments By Wayne Pacelle

While the nation observed “Take Your Dog to Work Day,” blog readers celebrated The HSUS’ dogs in the office policy. Among the comments we received:

Congratulations on your dog-friendly environment! I’ve worked from home for my entire career and I cannot imagine having to leave my greyhounds and my kitty alone all day. I have no doubt that bringing your dog to work improves performance, reduces stress and makes for a friendlier atmosphere. I’m sure even the grumpiest person couldn’t walk by an office or cubicle, look into the eyes of a loved dog, and not smile and feel some of that love. And it warms my heart that people who weren’t rescuing dogs before because they felt they couldn’t meet their needs, now can. It’s a win-win-win! —Mary Martin, Ph.D.

I think that being allowed to have your animals/pets in a working environment is a wonderful concept that is obviously somewhat underway. Animals do make you more comfortable in certain situations, and can also reduce stress, creating a better working environment for all employees and customers. —Chelsea

I love reading this blog—it’s especially nice when there is something happy and heartwarming from time to time too! Bravo Wayne for letting folks bring their dogs to work with them. I bring my three with me to work every day and it makes my job more enjoyable and less stressed. —Susan

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