Talk Back: Farm Bureau and Fur

By on June 22, 2007 with 0 Comments By Wayne Pacelle

This week, readers praised The HSUS’ outreach to the American Farm Bureau:

Again, you confirm why I support The HSUS. Educating people about humane treatment of animals is vital and approaching the Farm Bureau to begin this dialogue is brilliant. They have the ability to make huge changes for animals and developing a relationship with them could be very powerful for positively changing the way animals are raised and killed for food. —Nicke

Wayne, your article on Invitation for Cooperation is clever and fundamental for the animal welfare cause. But the last part where you write that most importantly the cause for improving the lives of animals is directly connected to understanding sociology and human behavior hits the nail dead on the head! Animal abuse in all its forms whether intentional or based on some naive prehistoric belief measures society’s progress. Victories for a humane society begin with those lives for whom we are directly responsible—animal life included. Appreciating your good work by a proud constituent. —Diana Kelley

American Farm Bureau, please listen to us—the American public. Over and over, we feel that you are out of synch with mainstream American values. Many of us perceive your lobby as "backwards" and mired in the past. It is possible to improve farming techniques AND improve humane care of animals.

Please don’t turn the American public into your enemies. Some of your members seem determined to do that now, but perhaps younger members can find a new direction. —Ted

Wayne, I am so glad you are the one in the position who is putting forth the effort to try and change those views. You have a delightful insight that can eventually soften those hardened hearts of folks like the Farm Bureau. —Ruth Caron

Readers also reacted to the news that after a shocking investigation and nine years of campaigning by The HSUS, the European Parliament voted to ban the import of cat and dog fur. Among the comments we received:

This is the happiest news I have heard in a long time. The fur trade, particularly in China, has been disturbing my sleep for a long time. Thank you for the tireless efforts to bring about these kinds of changes. These and other investigations take courage and persistence, and vigilance. Well done. —Mary

What a wonderful achievement you have worked so hard for. After watching Rick Swain’s heartbreaking video and feeling so sad and frustrated that I can’t physically go there and take every one of those dogs and cats away from their heartless killers, I am so glad that there is more and more awareness every day about this horrible practice so that people will stop buying fur in any form.

Thank God for The HSUS and other organizations such as Animals Asia ( who have worked tirelessly to expose the cruelty of the fur trade (not to mention dog and cat eating in China as well) and are fighting to abolish it altogether. If people just knew about this, 99 percent of the public would think twice before supporting this industry… I know my eyes have been opened in the past few months. No fur for me! —Amy W.

Thanks to everyone that has stopped this insanity. I won’t buy ANYTHING with fur in case I could be buying something I don’t want. It’s a sick, sick world that people are so cruel to helpless animals. Thank you so much. I have followed this story for nine years. —DiAnn

I am so disturbed by this I can’t even put it into words. I have sent this out as a bulletin on my MySpace page so hopefully this will help spread the word a little.

I cannot get the image of the German shepherd out of my head. His eyes were still blinking as the monster started to skin him. How on earth can anyone do such a thing? My heart is broken for these animals.

God bless you and all who help you. This madness has to stop. —Penny


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