Talk Back: Hogwash Hunting

By on June 12, 2007 with 0 Comments By Wayne Pacelle

Many readers reacted to the news that the "Monster Pig," who was shot eight times by an Alabama youth, was actually a pet sold to a fenced-in hunting ranch. Among the comments we received:

This is diabolical. What a terrible thing to teach a child, and what a wicked thing the canned hunt is. Thank you for reporting on the trends showing that hunting is in decline while wildlife watching is on the increase. —Mary

I’m so glad that The HSUS took up this issue. When I read about it on the AP wire, I couldn’t believe the indifference to the pig’s suffering. This is an American disgrace! —Lori

I read about this in the newspaper and I’m in Scotland, but they failed to tell the whole story. I was very angry but I’m even angrier now I know the whole sad, horrible story. How terrified the poor animal must have been. I’m so glad I brought my son up to respect animals. —Lynn Scott

I remember seeing this on the news and I was furious. I am glad that The Humane Society looked into this cruel thing. I mean really, who shoots a gun at 5 years old!!?? The dad should completely be held responsible for everything, I mean the kid is like a sponge and he soaks up everything the father teaches him; he doesn’t know what’s wrong or right yet. Thank you HSUS. —Patricia

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