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By on June 1, 2007 with 0 Comments By Wayne Pacelle

The virtual applause has been streaming in since our new logo was unveiled. Below is a collection of reader praise for the illustration:

I love the new logo. Well thought out, inspiring and meaningful. I also like the positive spin of the organization with protecting animals from cruelty and also preventing this behavior from occurring in the first place. —Cindy LaBlanc

The new logo is ingenious! It perfectly captures the essence of The HSUS. —Elisabeth Gambill-Niksich

Since I was a little girl I used to think, "Why is there so much cruelty to animals and why isn’t anyone looking out for them?" I finally believe that someone out there does care when I see what the Humane Society of the United States has accomplished. I absolutely love the logo which says so much in such a wonderful and clever way. Also, thank you for not showing images of injured or bloodied animals because those pictures torment me and I’m sure others too. I think it is good to educate people but please don’t horrify us animal lovers by showing the results of what some sick and cold-hearted people are capable of doing. Anyways, keep up the terrific work and be proud to work for such an important cause! You are doing something that matters for all those that can’t speak for themselves. Kudos to such a wonderful society! —Lorelei Purrington

I love the new logo and all for which it stands. Please keep up the good work. —Beth Ann Siro

Nice to see the new logo and the three points made in explanation. I support all of them and wish you continued success in your mission to protect all animals. I especially appreciate your decision not to show graphic shots of harmed animals. I agree that it is more important to envision all animals safe from harm. —M. Delano

I am a member of The HSUS and appreciate the work you do for ALL animals in need. I understand your reluctance to show pictures of some of the cruelty meted out by some so called humans but sometimes it takes just that type of shock to get people to actively try to put a stop to it. It is a very cold person that can look at what we are capable of doing to our animals and not get mad enough to want to stop it. —Bob

I like the idea of the vision of healthy, whole animals. The power of imagery is immense. Thank you Wayne. —ALK

I love the new logo. It’s a great way of informing people that The HSUS is about much more than dogs and cats. Spot on! —Sarah F.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for putting a rabbit on your new logo. —Lana Lehr

I love what you have done with the new logo; it is inspirational and speaks loudly to its audience. I personally would like to thank you for caring so deeply about national issues of animal cruelty and continuing to develop productive changes for future success! Thank You. —Katie Hadley

I noticed the new logo right away in my email box. I really love it. It’s so positive, creative and inclusive. Great work! —Stacy


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