Talk Back: Polar Bear Peril

By on June 7, 2007 with 0 Comments By Wayne Pacelle

Several readers responded to the blog about polar bears and the dangers of a melting habitat and trophy hunters. Among the comments we received:

Polar bears are facing enough problems from global warming and loss of habitat. Hunting them will just hasten their extinction. They need to be saved. Put them on the Endangered Species List. Diversity is essential. —July Green

I believe that all living things on planet Earth are connected to one extent or another through macro- and micro-ecosystems.

One could argue that if a component of an ecosystem is disrupted or lost, nature can sometimes adjust to the imbalance. However, when the "tilt" becomes too significant/extreme, all species within that geographic range will be negatively and perhaps permanently impacted. I would hope that none of us want to see the day when the only polar bears left on the planet are in zoos. What are we going to do to assure that polar bears are not lost in their natural habitat (the one God intended them to thrive in)? —Mark Christophe

Another reader, Fred, offered two comments. He contends:

The Safari Club does not support hunting rare species; groups like SCI of which I am a proud member have done a lot for wildlife conservation. I also belong to the Mule Deer and Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. These organizations put their money where their mouth is; we have done more for wildlife conservation than any of these extremist, ban-all-hunting animal rights groups.

The greatest threat to polar bears will be the loss of funding for their conservation; that is what will happen if hunting is restricted or stopped. All wildlife has to be managed.

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