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By on July 13, 2007 with 0 Comments By Wayne Pacelle

Readers enjoyed last week’s poll, but were challenged to choose just one cat. Among the comments we received:

A great tribute to our wonderful feline companions. —Andrea A.

It was impossible to vote for just one, so I gave them all a vote for the cutest! Anna is just beautiful, yet I was disappointed to see she didn’t receive many votes. I would describe Anna as gorgeous, refined and sophisticated so maybe that’s why she didn’t come in so much as "cute." Amelia does come in first for me, but that is because she looks much like my most beloved cat I ever had (who I lost to illness three years ago). Oliver looks sweet and sensitive; Atticus is a laugh; Lewes looks like a "good boy;" and Louie is just a kitten at heart. I LOVE THEM ALL! Kudos to their guardians! —Debbie S., Kingston, Mass.

It is so hard to choose. All are truly beautiful cats. —Estrella Ferrer

In the end, after more than 1,500 votes, Amelia was crowned the most endearing of the six staff cats. Readers also applauded Humane Wildlife Solutions, The HSUS’ new entrepreneurial model that will provide consumers with a humane choice in wildlife removal situations. 

While I have no suggestions, I am so grateful that you are taking on this daunting task. There needs to be a more humane option and I am proud to be part of an organization that recognizes this pressing need. —Katie G. Pociask

Kudos to the HSUS again! Living in the city, yet having a creek and small lake border my property offers much opportunity to see wildlife. Unfortunately, some of my neighbors don’t appreciate the wildlife and utilize pest companies to remove/kill the wildlife. Spreading the word on humane eviction techniques and educating people on maintaining the balance of nature cannot happen quickly enough.

Education on the importance of wildlife is imperative. Developers have been allowed to cover the earth in concrete and not leave any open space for wildlife. The result is that wildlife has lost its habitats and is forced to live near humans. People need to take responsibility in helping wildlife survive. The more people understand about HUMANE, EFFECTIVE alternatives, the greater chance wildlife has to survive.

In the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, we are fortunate to have the company 911 Wildlife, which uses humane eviction and exclusion techniques. This company takes the time to educate people on how to avoid conflicts and their humane techniques are effective.

The faster we can educate people on the importance of wildlife and how to peacefully coexist, the greater chance wildlife has to survive. —Nicke

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