Talk Back: Support for a Vick Suspension

By on July 23, 2007 with 0 Comments By Wayne Pacelle

The conversation continues surrounding Michael Vick, his status with the NFL, and his relationship with Nike. Among the comments we received:

There may be a silver lining here. Whether or not Vick is found guilty, this incident will generate so much publicity that everyone in this country is going to be exposed to the realities of a disgusting and barbaric practice. That includes people who are in a position to stop it, such as elected representatives and law enforcement. —Mike Stock

I can surely identify with the son that cried. I am a grown 52-year-old woman and I was so infuriated by the reports of the cruelty I cried and screamed, "How can ANYONE determine to perpetrate such horror upon another creature?!?" I own a pit bull terrier and am anticipating adopting another from a rescue shelter. They are some of the sweetest dogs when loved and trained properly. We must end this scourge on our society. —Dvora Fairfield

Football players are supposed to set good examples for our children; they are our children’s heroes. If found guilty Vick should serve time in prison, serve 10,000 hours of community service at the humane society, pay a large fine and NEVER be allowed to play football again. That should be what anyone found guilty of fighting dogs or chickens should have to do. It should NOT be tolerated by our justice system! The penalty should be severe; let these people committing these horrible acts know it won’t be tolerated and the penalties will be severe, no matter who you are. —Tammy Provin

As a long time member/supporter of The HSUS, I strongly support the actions regarding Michael Vick’s indictment being led by Mr. Pacelle. The NFL must suspend him now. The issue is not due process. All those who want to claim due process as the reason to do nothing regarding Vick’s indictment accomplish is to help thicken the smoke screen behind which he wants to hide. Michael Vick is named 51 times in a federal indictment that outlines the monstrous and inhuman actions of a man who is the quarterback for an NFL team. Due process is his right as an American citizen and his indictment and the resulting charges will be tried in the courts. That said, what’s at issue is the NFL’s right to suspend him pending a final verdict. The NFL Commissioner’s decision will speak volumes. If Commissioner Goodell hides behind the bogus issue of denial of "due process," he and the NFL will be standing in the same stink that now surrounds Michael Vick. —Judith Dorchester

Sent to the Falcons: I am now sorry I purchased an official Michael Vick jersey for my nephew this past Christmas. I am likewise disappointed that you (the team) have not dealt with this recent incident in a manner that could have sent a strong message, to especially younger fans, that certain behaviors are intolerable regardless of status or fame. And, trust me; many of us (football fans) do not regard a winning game as worthy of any price! Get rid of Michael Vick. —Vicki Ayers

I want to personally thank the HSUS for all their hard work in the fight against dogfighting! I will continue to email and call the NFL and urge friends and family to do the same. Thank you again for all you do! —Kim


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