Talk Back: Flipped Farm Bill

By on July 16, 2007 with 0 Comments By Wayne Pacelle

Before the good news was delivered—that Section 123 of Title I was pulled from the the Farm Bill—readers denounced this provision, which threatened to nullify dozens of animal welfare laws enacted at the state and local level. Among the comments we received:

It is beyond atrocious the lengths to which the powerful animal use/abuse industries will undergo to subvert the will of the people and seek to virtually wipe out the democratic principles and foundation upon which this nation was formed. Please keep this matter at the forefront; it is vital that every American be made aware of this insidious provision. Thank you. —Denise

I just contacted my U.S. Senators and U.S. Representative regarding this attempt to lock out compassion for the voiceless ones. Forcing once happy faces behind bars to suffer in confinement is so wrong! We must not allow money or power to trump the comfort and well being of animals during their time on Earth. I hope all who hear of this outrage will do their part! —Pamela Bertsch

Readers then rejoiced in the far-reaching provision’s removal. Among the comments we received:

May God bless you for all your work helping in animal welfare. I am the leader for the Tennessee call group for the anti-slaughter issues for our nation’s horses. This is a tremendous victory in so many ways. Thank God the Texas and Illinois plants will not be reopening because of the Farm Bill. —Kathleen Stephenson

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