Young Boy’s Bravery Offers Inspiration

By on August 20, 2007 with 0 Comments By Wayne Pacelle

It’s often that people ask me how I manage to deal with the barrage of animal abuse I encounter day after day. It’s gut wrenching, but I’ve found sometimes the worst cases of cruelty call extraordinary people to action. Today, I give you news about a brave little boy named Caesar, and Adam, the kitten whose life Caesar saved. Out of this awful tragedy, there is also hope and inspiration.

Caesar found Adam after the small black kitten had been set on fire. This courageous 11-year-old told authorities he saw older teens torturing the kitten. Caesar managed to rescue him and get help.

A burned kitten in bandages recovers at Forgotten Felines
© Tina Wright, Forgotten Felines
Adam is receiving round-the-clock care after being badly burned.

Even though Adam suffered burns over much of his body, thanks to the help of the Animal Hospital of Cotati and Forgotten Felines of Sonoma County (Calif.), Adam has undergone several skin grafting surgeries and is on the road to recovery. Amazingly, this kitten has learned to love and trust humans, despite what people did to him.

It’s unusual that in this case two 15-year-old girls stand accused of setting Adam afire—a very rare occurrence, since it is almost always boys involved in such acts of pathology. The HSUS has requested that the Sonoma County prosecutors ensure that the teens get serious and long-term psychological counseling.

Hundreds of people from around the world have donated money to pay Adam’s medical expenses. In times of tragedy, good people stand tall.

Just as inspiring is the bravery of Caesar. This 11-year-old must have been terrified and confused, yet he relied on his internal moral compass, did not turn away, helped the kitten, and reported the crime. We wish every reward we post would be claimed, but it is especially gratifying to know this heroic boy will receive our $2,500 reward. Some day, I want to meet this young boy—and his parents, too. Caesar is a true humane hero, and I hope his act of courage will inspire both children and adults to speak up for animals by confronting cruelty.

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