Safe Haven for Abused and Abandoned

By on August 13, 2007 with 0 Comments By Wayne Pacelle

If you are part of our online community, you get a steady stream of calls to action—combatting animal fightng, horse slaughter, puppy mills, factory farming, and a wide range of other abuses.  But you may not hear much about our hands-on work for animals.  From time to time, I want to share with you images and video from some of that work—which is enormously fulfilling to all of us at The HSUS and The Fund for Animals.   

Today, I invite you to take a virtual tour of the Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch—one of the world’s largest animal sanctuaries—in Murchison, Texas, where nearly 1,300 animals rescued from abuse and neglect find a safe haven.  Cleveland Amory and The Fund for Animals started the sanctuary nearly 30 years ago.  A generous animal advocate remembered The Fund for Animals through a bequest, and that money provided the capital to buy the land and fulfill Cleveland’s dream to have a large animal sanctuary that could take in animals in desperate need.  The name of the ranch was inspired, of course, by Anna Sewell’s Black Beauty—one of the first books about the humane treatment of animals to reach a mass audience in the 19th century.   

Meet the residents and get a slice of ranch life on a virtual tour.

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