Talk Back: Shame on the Shillers

By on August 8, 2007 with 0 Comments By Wayne Pacelle

Many readers responded to the series of blogs exposing the fatuous claims of HSUS critics (you can see those here, here and here). Among the comments we received:

I don’t know what’s worse: organizations that mislead the public and falsely claim to support animal welfare or groups that have no involvement with animals whatsoever, but for some reason feel the need to play devil’s advocate in an attempt to discredit The HSUS and their wonderful efforts. True animal lovers are behind you 100 percent, Wayne. —Kara

Even in the face of horrible groups like the ones mentioned, we always have to believe that the truth will always come out. —Lisa Jenkins

I think it is a good idea for HSUS members to be alert to online news and op-ed items that present fallacies and to politely comment with the facts on articles that allow reader comments. Email the writer and politely correct falsehoods if a reader forum is not available. Happily the electronic age also allows for immediate letters to the editor. Google Alerts is a handy tool for finding mentions of animal issues on many different news sites. —S Williams

What a dreadful shame that you have to waste your precious time on such B.S. Your supporters love you and are deeply grateful for the work you do. —Lorraine

I am so happy to see that you brought this up. After reading the USA Today blog, I wasn’t quite sure what to say to people that brought this up because I have not been able to find the whole historical context on the web. When I give money to an organization, I research what they stand for, and where the funds will be used. One of the reasons I donate to The HSUS is the transparency and integrity of the organization and its leaders. I think the very fact that you are doing a blog and sharing these kinds of things is telling of how far out of context they have taken your words, and I applaud your efforts. I will continue supporting The HSUS as it is difficult to find organizations with this much integrity anywhere in our country! —Ted Robb

Years ago I was a child protective service worker and experienced challenges to my and the agency’s motives, credibility, competence, etc. Most often these challenges came from individuals being investigated for abuse or neglect. They denied allegations against them even with witnesses, victim statements and other compelling evidence. At the least they minimized the damage and consequences to their victims. Often they asserted their right to do what they wanted because the child was "their property." They also argued it was "how they were raised and there was nothing wrong with them." Sadly I even heard others make comments minimizing consequences for victims or even blaming protective service workers for destroying a family. What I learned firsthand was abuse and neglect are very hard for most people to deal with; particularly when it is intentional. Most can’t imagine deliberately hurting others—women, children or animals—so the strategy is "kill the messenger" and it will all go away. Abusers can keep on abusing; those who don’t want to deal with the truth don’t have to. We who care have to support one another and stand up together against the bullies. We’re with you, Wayne! —Dinah

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