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By on September 13, 2007 with 0 Comments By Wayne Pacelle

A few weeks ago, the Center for Consumer Freedom placed an ad in The New Yorker, inaccurately criticizing The Humane Society of the United States. Since that time, we’ve heard from many readers who were motivated by the attack, and by our response. Among the comments we received:

Kudos to you and those of us that believe in working for the humane treatment of animals. I hope the CCF sends more supporters our way! —Barbara

Ha! Wayne has proven himself to be well-educated and passionate about animal welfare. This humorous posting shows me another side of his personality. I have spent countless hours researching where I wish to donate my excess income. After so much research I am glad to say that The HSUS has proven worthy on all fronts. Do all of my dollars go directly to cats’ and dogs’ care? Of course not! Some of this goes to pay people who are willing to dedicate their lives to animals and to pay for fighting laws/statutes that need to be changed. One thing is for sure… Wayne, and everyone else who works at The HSUS, cares about the welfare of all living creatures, and that is certainly something I am willing to put my money behind. —Adam

Way to go Wayne! Thanks for all you and The HSUS do for the animals and protecting them from the exploiters that CCF represents. —Alice

This is great! I recently commented on their own site about mad cow disease and I was happy (no, more like gleeful, giddy, glib, giggly) to check the "HATE US" category on their form. I just love when it’s plain for all to see that ethics and morals and compassion win out over plain stupidity. Thanks Wayne! You rock. —Lisa Jenkins

Sounds as if the folks at the Center for Consumer Freedom might want to do a bit of investigating before offering up any more incorrect statements regarding The HSUS! It’s obvious they obtain their bad information from uneducated activists. We the members of The HSUS pride ourselves on knowing the facts. I’m not surprised to hear that their members are turning away! —Pamela Bertsch, Plano, Texas

This post made my day—we love ya Wayne! Next time I donate, it will be extra. I love The HSUS! Thanks for all you do for the animals! —Susan

Wayne, amazing, amazing blog. As always, you are eloquent and precise. Your crystal clear understanding of the issues we are facing as an effective animal rights organization can not be denied. Thank you for the efforts you put forward for all the animals that The HSUS has had the opportunity to assist. It is a fact, we as HSUS supporters have the responsibility to speak out for the animals who have no voice. I am here to help; I give with joy in my heart every month. I support your efforts and all the work of each and every member of The HSUS. It is a rare moment in our experience here on earth that we feel we can make a difference. I for one understand and know that I have made a huge difference in the lives of many animals through the efforts of The HSUS. You can count me in as a grateful member of The Humane Society. I know you have taken my donations and my efforts seriously. You have motivated me to get involved in the legislative process and to work within the system to create positive change. Perhaps the misguided musing of CCF is a clear indication of just how far The HSUS has progressed and how much influence we now command as a group of dedicated individuals. I am in this fight for justice for all beings. I have never experienced the degree of focus or single-minded determination as I have at any HSUS-sponsored conference or training session. I will continue to be a part of The HSUS until there is no longer a need to reach out to an animal in need or assist a person who loves them. —Kathlene Henry-Gorman

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