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By on September 20, 2007 with 0 Comments By Wayne Pacelle

Readers celebrated two recent blog entries. First, the story of Caesar—a courageous 11-year-old who rescued a badly burned kitten and, for his efforts, received The HSUS’s $2,500 reward—inspired readers. Among the comments we received:

This young boy, and all who have taught him, are heroes in my eyes! Compassion is something that will eventually and absolutely overcome evil in this world, and I applaud him for standing up for what is right. —Adam Bailey

Amazing. So great that you have rewarded this boy for his courage. Hopefully he feels just as happy about what he did as every animal welfare activist does. —Gennifer

Wayne, Seems like our world is turning upside down. How could any human do this to a kitten? The girls should be punished to the fullest extent possible. On a related note, THANK YOU for all you have done regarding the Michael Vick case. And we wonder why our youth are acting like they are toward animals and other human beings. We need more accountability for our actions in this country. Only then will things change for the better. —D. Fredrickson

Hearing of cases like this really makes me wish that the names of the juveniles who perpetrated this horrible act would be released. It’s a hard thing for me to write, since I value our civil liberties very much and I also never want to believe any person is beyond redemption, but when I hear of teens torturing animals just to amuse themselves, I want to make very, very certain that I, my family and my animals are never anywhere near them. Bravo to Caesar—little Adam thanks you with his life! —Leelee

Bless you Adam and Caesar for your kind and loving heart!!! —Linda Schassler

God Bless Caesar! What an incredible child and what amazing parents he must have, too. That’s the best $2,500 I’ve heard of spent in a long time. What amazes me is the amount of people who are willing to turn away. Just the other day, my son and I were at the park where there is a duck pond. A little boy was throwing rocks and anything he could find at the ducks. My son, who is 5, stood there and called for me—he was scared because he knew what the other (and older) boy was doing was wrong, but is too young to really know how to deal with this situation. I told the little boy "we never hurt animals" and took my son away from this kid. Unfortunately, the mother of this child was close at hand and never said a word to her kid (or surprisingly enough, ME!). God bless all of you at The HSUS who have to see and deal with cruelty on a daily basis. My heart isn’t strong enough sometimes to even read the stories you post, but the question of what is "right" and what is "difficult" sometimes has the same answer. —Lisa

Readers also cheered good news in the federal court case against Ringling Brothers—a case that, if successful, could halt the company’s mistreatment of elephants:

Yes, the elephants have been long due their day in court. Having spent long lives in chains and shackles, sleeping behind bars, they are finally to receive their due process. The days of the circus are done. It is time to stop the cruelty imposed on circus animals. —Dale

I have been told I am cruel for not EVER taking my children to the circus! After knowing the facts my kids don’t want to go! Even as a 4-year-old child myself, I went once and never ever wanted to go back! I knew even at that young age something was not right! Hopefully some people will learn that an elephant dressed up in human attire and dancing on hind legs is not entertainment but an example of human greed! —Angie

I am elated that finally Ringling Bros. is being held accountable for animal mistreatment. For years they have gotten away with animal cruelty. Why do they even allow elephants and tigers to perform when they are endangered species?!? I live in Connecticut and was very disappointed when the bull hook bill did not get passed, which would have prevented Ringling Bros. and other animal circuses from entering the state. In my view, circuses are one of the worst forms of animal mistreatment and I cannot wait for the day when they just fade out. —Jennifer Nash


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