Talk Back: Sick Over Whale Slaughter

By on September 27, 2007 with 0 Comments By Wayne Pacelle

Readers mourned the slaughter of a gray whale earlier this month off Washington’s coast. Among the comments we received:

There is no excuse for killing whales in this day and age. It was barbaric back then, and it is even more so today. Whales are not used to feed the masses. Their blubber is no longer used to keep lamps lit. They’re too large to hang as a trophy on the wall. So how can this man justify these actions? Humans have done enough damage to the earth. These five men should be punished under the law. —Jen

This is so sad. I don’t buy this idea that going out and killing a whale is in some way honorable. I’m sure even the tribe wasn’t too happy to find out he broke the law—giving them not only a bad reputation but probably making it near impossible for them to ever get approval again to kill a whale. This is a dishonorable act to say the least—to kill something so gentle and trusting then leave it to rot turns my stomach. —Lisa Jenkins

For what purpose did killing this whale serve? It has always been my belief that Native Americans did not waste the bounty of the land. That they used the animals for food, for the hides, etc. But to kill a whale for sport and leave it to rot is something more akin to animal abuse. Stop this senseless action. Restore the reputation of the Makah. —EMW

The idea that one’s cultural identity and traditions are the only excuses needed for perpetrating needless cruelty on animals is positively medieval. Wayne Johnson is proud that he tortured and cruelly killed a protected animal and broke the law? What does that say about his cultural traditions? —Sheryl

I am horrified that something like the killing of this innocent gray whale could happen right in our waters. What is wrong with these people? I hope the Humane Society makes sure that they are jailed and fined. The indifference to life spans the species. Humans and animals. If you have no respect for one then you have no respect for the other. —Laurie Moschetto

Being so extremely blood thirsty to kill does NOT sound like something to be proud of at all, much less being so arrogant as to publicly brag about it. It is more scary and nauseating than anything else. Thanks for taking a stand and encouraging proper legal recourse. —R Diana Rowell

In my opinion, I respectfully feel that the traditional barbarism and over abundance of animal resources of long ago are not supportive of the killing of today’s limited amount of these extraordinary creatures. —eas

Yeah, in the blood? Are harpoons and a 460 caliber rifle in your blood? If you hunt due to culture, respect the culture and uphold its worth. Do not use torture and modern methods to justify your cultural rights. —Jimmy

This is truly senseless and so upsetting. There is NO justification for killing whales. The mentality of Johnson and his poaching buddies is very disturbing as is the Federal government granting approval in 1999 to kill a whale. This is an outrage! Let’s hope those poachers are punished and the government never allows whale killing again. Thank heavens for The HSUS fighting for the rights of all animals to live peacefully and without harm. —Nicke

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