Much at Stake in the Golden State

By on October 3, 2007 with 0 Comments By Wayne Pacelle

The pace of political activity in California is brisk, and there’s much at stake.

California condor ad in LA Times
Click to see the full-size ad.

As I travel the state with my HSUS colleagues this week, we are recruiting volunteer petitioners to participate in a landmark ballot initiative to ban the most inhumane confinement practices on factory farms. The measure seeks to ban veal and gestation crates and battery cages—€”a measure crafted to improve the lives of some 20 million animals. Last night, we had a fantastic crowd at the San Francisco SPCA, and 50 individuals each pledged to gather 1,000 signatures! If we attract 650 people statewide who will make such a commitment, we are on the ballot, since we need 650,000 signatures between now and the end of February. Please get involved if you are a California voter.

And today, The HSUS has a full-page ad in the Los Angeles Times calling for Gov. Schwarzenegger to sign AB 821, a bill to ban the use of toxic lead ammunition in condor habitat. The extremists at the NRA are demanding a veto; they are willing to sacrifice an entire species just so hunters don’t have to pay a few more dollars for non-toxic ammo. We won’t allow them to have the last word with the governor. The evidence is overwhelming that condors are dying from consuming unretrieved game animals with lead bullets sprinkling their carcasses.

Gov. Schwarzenegger has built an impressive environmental and animal protection record. He shouldn’t sacrifice it by kowtowing to the NRA and its extreme agenda. Please call and email him and urge him to sign AB 821.

Good policies only happen when good people demand action. We are counting on you to contact the governor on behalf of the last of the condors. And we need your help to qualify the petition for the November 2008 ballot to ban inhumane confinement on factory farms.


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