Congress Must Act After Horse Cruelty Caught on Tape

By on October 4, 2007 with 0 Comments By Wayne Pacelle

All of the horse slaughter plants in the United States have now closed, but some American horses are still being slaughtered. Thousands of American horses are being exported this year, funneled to slaughter plants in Canada and Mexico. These horses are transported harrowingly long distances—in trucks so small the horses emerge bruised and battered—only to face the most grisly of deaths.

Just moments ago at a press conference on Capitol Hill, we released this footage from a recent HSUS investigation that tracked American horses on their path to Mexico’s slaughterhouses. Throughout the assignment, our investigators witnessed myriad cruelties inflicted on these animals.

Our team saw a chestnut horse who, unable to move, was dragged from a trailer and left laboring in the dirt; they saw a tightly packed group of horses stand for two and a half hours on an idling truck during triple-digit heat; and they saw a beautiful sorrel horse who, after being trucked more than 600 miles, emerged from the trailer with a bloodied, gashed head.

We cannot let our horses endure this cruelty any longer. Please take five minutes to watch our powerful video, then take action. Contact your federal legislators and ask them to support the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act. Your help—and the need for this legislation—has never been more urgent.


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