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By on October 16, 2007 with 0 Comments By Wayne Pacelle

We are at an odd moment in the fight to stop horse slaughter. We’ve shut down the plants in the United States, and documented horrific cruelty to American horses shipped to Mexico and also to Canada. But the horse and veterinary groups aligned with the slaughter industry won’t take an honest look at the new landscape. They keep hewing to their tired mantra that if we stop slaughter, there will be people who starve or abuse horses. Now they seem to be searching for the evidence to support their dark hypothesis.

Let me say unequivocally that there is nothing worse that can be done to these poor horses being shipped to Mexico, and it must stop. These groups need to take their head out of the sand.

Since releasing footage from our investigation of American horses being funneled into Mexico for slaughter, concerned citizens have responded with a flurry of frustration, asking what can be done to stop this grisly transport and torturous slaughter. To help protect horses from this cruel fate once and for all, today we are asking you to participate in our National Call-In Day for Horses.

The American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act (H.R. 503/S. 311) would not only ban the slaughter of American horses for human consumption, but would also prohibit their export for slaughter. Please take 30 seconds today to call the Capitol switchboard at 202-224-3121. Ask for your representative and two senators, then urge them to cosponsor this bill (check here to see if your representative is already a cosponsor, and here to see if your senators are).

If you live in the districts of Reps. Jan Schakowsky (Ill.-9), Ed Whitfield (Ky.-1), John Spratt (S.C.-5) and Nick Rahall (W.Va.-3), or the states of Louisiana (Sen. Landrieu) or Nevada (Sen. Ensign), then please thank your legislators for leading the charge against horse slaughter.   

Many of you have already made your voices heard (a sampler of reader comments is below), but today your phone calls are critical.

I am counting on Congress to get this done! This is the (hopefully) final blow to the horse meat industry in the United States. As horrifying as this video is, it is more horrifying to the horses that have to endure this cruel fate. It is up to us to speak out in rage against American horses being slaughtered within our borders and outside of them! —Denise Anderson

The very thought of our intelligent, emotional, loyal friends going to slaughter in the U.S. was horrible enough. But knowing the torture they face in Mexico or slaughter in Canada breaks my heart. We won the battle here with the ban on horse slaughter in the U.S., and now it’s time to secure our borders so our horses can’t be piped out to meet a horrific fate. It was stated in your blog and I say it all the time to friends—we just don’t slaughter pets for food; THAT is why horse slaughter is so reprehensible. —Lisa J.

The cruelty and sadism is unbelievable—the U.S. needs to help these horses. Poor animals, no mercy for them. How shameful that humans would do this to innocent and noble horses. —Mary Panos

Here you go again, playing on peoples’ emotions, rather than the common sense approach. If you had not closed down the plants to begin with, these horses would not have to make the long and arduous trip without the protection of American livestock transportation laws. How many horses are you going to take in yourself, Wayne? When the flood of horses overloads the rescues, where will they go? —Carrie Giannandrea

For the pro-slaughter people to say that horse slaughter is about mercy to unwanted horses is ludicrous. I would hate to be the recipient of their brand of mercy. Horse slaughter is all about money. It’s an industry that depends upon the existence of unwanted horses to thrive; it generates unwanted horses. To whatever extent there is a problem of unwanted horses, it will not be seriously addressed until this brutal, calloused business is terminated in this country. —Craig DiBenedictis

Sometimes I am just overwhelmed by the animal cruelty in the world. I can’t watch the videos any more—my heart breaks. I rejoiced when the United States slaughterhouses were shut down, but now think sending these beautiful horses to Mexico may have only made things worse. I send emails and letters to my Congressmen but more often than not believe they’re not really listening. Those of you on the front lines are remarkable to be able to keep going day after day. Thank you for all you do. —Laura Dugan

Horse slaughter has no place in this country or any country. We do not ride cattle and chickens, and jump them and trailer them, etc. Horses are our beloved pets and companions. Those who chose to slaughter these beautiful, helpless creatures should be ashamed that they call themselves human. They should find ways to also have dogs and cats and excess humans slaughtered. Serve them up as excess. Don’t be driven by “sentimentality;” do them and everyone a favor—get rid of them. Isn’t that what they say about horses? Don’t draw any line of compassion whatsoever; why should you have anything be held in any kind of love, respect or compassion? —Sherrie Stolarik

I cannot believe what I just witnessed on the video of the horses going to slaughter. How can man be so cruel? What kind of society do we live in? These horses are living, breathing, souls who DO NOT deserve to be treated in such a barbaric manner so that some foreigner can have a meal. This has got to stop—NOW! Our legislators need to get off their butts and do something to stop this. Why are they in office? —Jaime Perez

Slaughter? Not an option at all. We need to back up and think people. These are living creatures—they feel, they love and they are loyal to the end. We need to come up with a feasible solution. More shelters, more responsibility, something. We just cannot stand back and watch as this takes place. I live in the city but my children and I have taken in stray cats all around; my daughters belong to 4-H. We need to do something for the love of the animals. If just one person would stand up and take responsibility for their actions that would be one less horse headed for the slaughterhouse. Come on people, we need to think of a plan and stop the killing now. —Christina

They have no clue to the mess this will create in the horse world. I think all involved who does not care for or own some of these horses need to jump in and take care of/house one or two, and this should be mandatory. —David Ketchum

Horse slaughter has no place in society ever. No horse deserves this barbaric demise by any man, woman or child. To continue to advocate slaughter is the bane of neglect, starvation and hurtful practices. They do not deserve to own a horse, dog, cat or child. When a child is neglected, the parent is prosecuted and so it should be with animals. We have laws in place. Breeding needs to be curtailed. That would stop a lot of unwanted horses. Indiscriminate breeding needs to be stopped. Horses deserve our love, respect and the status of a protected animal. AMEN. —Sherrie Stolarik


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