Talk Back: Dogfighting is Defenseless

By on October 5, 2007 with 0 Comments By Wayne Pacelle

Readers responded to the heckling that The HSUS’s John Goodwin received at a town hall-style event in Atlanta last week, where Michael Vick supporters dominated the crowd. Among the comments we received:

Wonderful showing by John Goodwin last night at the town hall meeting in Atlanta. He spoke well and represented The HSUS in a way that made your supporters proud, and happy! He ought to be commended on his bravery and his professionalism. I also thought it was nice when one of the panel members confronted the audience on their inappropriate booing of a man who has dedicated his entire life to defending the voiceless/defenseless. I was happy to see the support, and he was dead-on. Again, it is always hard to watch specials like that, but it was so comforting to see the presence of The HSUS. I, personally, was extremely grateful for Mr. Goodwin’s presence and participation. Thank you! —Angela Foroughi

It is very important to continue efforts to confront cruelty and encourage prosecution. As always, socially unacceptable behavior will be supported by others who engage in such behavior, have values that aren’t in order, or simply want to cause a stir. We can ignore the latter, and educate our children to prevent the former. —Caroline

I watched the town hall meeting on TV. I was appalled by the reaction of the audience. They seem to think dogfighting is alright. How sad. They were very disrespectful towards people that did not share their opinion whom spoke out against Vick; they booed them. They just don’t get it. It shows their mentality. Majority of the people are horrified with dogfighting; this audience does not represent how most people feel. Vick has admitted what he did, and the audience still thinks it’s alright. Who cares if he is a good football player—being a caring human being is the most important. They keep talking about being overzealous charging him. Hardly, I would say he was overzealous when he killed the dogs! —Maureen

Thank you for the link to the Blackstone article on the NPR site. It was a relief to read it after hearing what John Goodwin had to endure. —Lorraine

Wayne, you are so right about the fact that everyone, no matter what their race is, should be speaking out against dogfighting and other cruel acts. I’m white and I assure you I would be just as outraged if this had been a white sports star. Also, those poor defenseless dogs would have suffered the same, whether their abuser was white, black, brown or purple for that matter. —Barbara

One can only hope that authorities, both federal and local, will step up prosecution of dogfighting rings everywhere. I’m watching with interest to see what, if anything comes of the discovery of the dogs at the home of rapper DMX. Here is another high profile celebrity, but there has been very little media attention. Hopefully The HSUS is monitoring this case as well. —Laura Dugan


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