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By on November 13, 2007 with 0 Comments By Wayne Pacelle

Readers continue to react to the wildfires that ravaged Southern California in late October and were relieved to hear the animals and staff of the Fund for Animals Wildlife Center escaped harm. Among the comments we received:

THANK YOU so much for your help. I work at the Escondido Humane Society in Escondido, Calif. I was evacuated from my own home. Luckily I got all of my 10 animals, but I know many who did not. Like your blog said there are many animals running free, and even worse some were left trapped inside homes. The situation at my shelter and every other animal rescue in SoCal is dire. We appreciate the nationwide support TREMENDOUSLY. Love and hope, Liz

Thank you for the coverage of trouble we in the animal world are going through here in SoCal, and for the efforts of your organization! —Nikita

I was so very thankful that Cindi and Chuck and the Fund [for Animals] came out safe! I am a former volunteer from the Fund and have tried to keep up to date regarding it. I was so worried about the fires, as was everyone across the U.S. and wish I could be there to help. Thank you for all your hard work. —Elizabeth A. Prim

I just wanted to say I am so relieved to hear the animals have made it through this horrific ordeal. I live in Northern California and have wanted to get in my RV and come down to help out, but I knew I would not get through. By the way, Sampson is adorable!!! Thanks Chuck and Cindy for all you do with animals… I have such a love for all animals! —Shelly Campbell

Thanks so much for this terribly important work you’re doing. I saw some video on CNN of horses that had been burned in these horrible fires, and my heart just broke. It’s excruciating, knowing that these poor, defenseless creatures are suffering like this, but knowing The HSUS is on the case makes me feel less hopeless and helpless. Bless you for this work. —Mary Shafer

Thank you for your work. I was lucky enough to not have to evacuate. I hope this will also be a reminder to everyone to have a disaster plan that includes all family members (furry ones included). My heart goes out to those, especially the ones caught off guard with little time to act. —Renee

Bless everyone who helped by rescuing and caring for those horrified animals. I certainly feel for the people as well. I wish they were not so far away; I would have loved to have gone and helped! —Denise Cunningham

There has to be a way for you to get the word out on what is the best way to handle an animal you have to leave behind. In Katrina people left dogs tied in the back yard—they drowned. In the California fires a horse was left tied and its face and back were burned. Maybe on the weather channel and local channels, when they are warning people, they could include information on what to do for your pet. People just don’t know. They do what they think is right but they need directions on what to do. Please find a way to let people know. —Barbara Bauman

I just wanted to say God bless all of you who help animals so much. Your devotion to them is saintly. I just read the blog posted by Wayne and it brought tears to my eyes. I can’t imagine how frightened those poor animals were and the people who are helping them. I am definitely going to give as much money as I can to this cause. And thank you again for all that you do! With much love and admiration, Christine F.

As I cannot do more than pray for these animals and the disaster response teams, I must commend everyone who has rushed to aid these people, their pets, and all animals involved. You are doing the work of God and may God have mercy on all, and Bless all who have helped not only in the fires, but ALL of these disasters, legislative issues, raids shutting down puppy mills, and the everyday ongoing fight to protect and save our best friends—the animals. —Christine 

Note: If you are interested in volunteer opportunities with The HSUS National Disaster Animal Response Team, more information is available here.  Review our disaster preparedness resources to learn about protecting your animals in a disaster.

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