Talk Back: Raiding the Roost

By on November 1, 2007 with 0 Comments By Wayne Pacelle

In October, HSUS staff assisted in the largest cockfighting bust in U.S. history, finding more than 5,000 roosters at an animal fighting operation of staggering proportions. Since that time, readers have offered a range of responses. Among the comments we received:

I try very hard not to imagine what kind of people would participate in animal fighting. I would not want to be found anywhere near them. The total disregard for life is sickening. Congratulations on the big raid. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that all guilty parties are brought to justice. —Lisa J.

If Amazon is still selling cockfighting magazines, the presence of these filthy publications near the drugs, razors and the bloodstained fighting area should make them very ashamed. I still don’t see how they can justify their position—helping to encourage an illegal and flagrantly cruel, immoral activity. Thank you yet again, HSUS, for all you do every day in the same of kindness and compassion. —Lorraine

Thanks for continuing to take the fight to these guys! During the Arizona campaign so many people were unable to comprehend the scale of the activity and its carnage. Even today Wikipedia refers to cockfighting as a fight between two birds, and this is often quoted by reporters. The truth is that in a weekend cockfight many hundreds of roosters fight and die, all for the miserable excuse of entertainment. Please don’t let up. —Jamie Massey


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