Why Your Actions Matter

By on December 20, 2007 with 0 Comments By Wayne Pacelle

With so much misery that animals endure, it is sometimes difficult to see and to celebrate the change that is occurring. Yet the indicators of that change are all around us. And with every advance, we demonstrate the possibility of additional progress.

We are finally seeing major gains on factory farming. We have the horse slaughter industry on the run. We have banned animal fighting in every state. We are exposing puppy mills. We helped to pass 82 new state laws for animals this year. And there’s so much more.

This video chronicles some of the reforms The HSUS and our members helped to usher in this year. Take pride in these accomplishments. Pass it on to friends and family members. And please consider making a year-end, tax-deductible gift to allow us to build on these successes in 2008. Together, we can achieve so much more.

The HSUS's biggest victories of 2007

Companion Animals

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