Talk Back: Progressive Nations, Veterinarians and Laws

By on January 17, 2008 with 0 Comments By Wayne Pacelle

Readers celebrated the European Union’s decision to eliminate battery cages for egg-laying hens and the prospect of a European ban on seal products:

Absolutely incredible. When I read the Canadian news article I realized that the efforts of animal protection societies (of which the HSUS is a prominent leader) may actually be close to stopping the seal hunt. I’m so proud to lend you my support. —Lorraine

Congratulations to the EU for abiding by their promise to ban battery cages! It’s really a shame how powerful the animal agriculture business is in the U.S. So many politicians from both parties (including mine in Maryland) want to vote for change, but are often blocked by powerful lobbying groups. I’m sure you are vastly aware of this problem most of all given the immense difficulties it took to finally ban horse slaughter in the U.S. I’m glad these reforms are finally taking place here in the U.S. I can’t believe that the seal hunt was so vicious this year in spite of the melting ice floes which already damaged the seal population. Here’s hoping that the Canadian seal hunt will finally come to an end in 2008! —Sara N

Readers also praised the launch of the Humane Society Veterinary Medical Association. Among the comments we received:

Wayne, since you’ve been President and CEO of The HSUS, tremendous changes have taken place on behalf of animals. For that, I thank you. But this has been the best. For too long, the AVMA has used its voice of authority to betray the very creatures they are supposed to protect. And they carry a lot of weight because they are vets and that makes them sound credible. Yet they have too many ties to industry and government to be an advocate for the animals. What a wonderful and much needed move this is to give a more powerful voice to the vets who will not be bought. Thank you and The HSUS. —Craig DiBenedictis

And we heard opposing views in response to the call to get involved with state animal protection legislation:

Seriously, how many laws do we need? Most states already have felony laws for abuse and dogfighting. I’m all for helping animals and giving them better lives, but 86 laws this year, and our goal is to get more next year? The goal should be better lives (for people and animals), not more laws… —Brent

Thanks for alerting HSUS members to the importance of citizen advocacy. While Texas doesn’t have a session this year (our legislature meets in odd-numbered years), there are many advocates hard at work now determining issues of importance… bills for consideration in the January 2009 session. The Texas Humane Legislation Network meets this coming weekend in Dallas and we encourage people to become involved in our efforts. For in a state the size of Texas, the year the legislature doesn’t meet is equally as important as the year they do. Hoping more Texans join our team ( —Cile Holloway, President, Texas Humane Legislation Network

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