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By on January 4, 2008 with 0 Comments By Wayne Pacelle

I am not the target demographic for "Skinny Bitch." It’s aimed at the stomachs and waistlines and the hearts of the women of America. But even men are picking it up. NBA star Jerry Stackhouse of the Dallas Mavericks went vegetarian after reading "Skinny Bitch." It’s a hoot, and it’s hard not to really enjoy the fresh and funny take on the quest for the ideal diet from co-authors Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin.

This isn’t your run-of-the-mill read. It’s a sassy, scolding look at the perils of the standard American diet, and it’s an unabashed call to shun animal products.

What’s amazed me most though is the public reaction to the book. It’s a cultural phenomenon.

I spend lots of time in airports, and I see people carrying around the book, reading it in the seat next to me, and buying it as a gift.

Skinny Bitch has spent 23 weeks on The New York Times best-seller list, more than half of it as the top seller in its category. And now the follow up, "Skinny Bitch in the Kitch," has landed on the same list, too. It’s a cookbook with a spicy attitude, and it may be there to stay as well for some time. (We’ve posted select recipes from the book on our website, along with many more of our favorite recipes for vegetarian eating.)

The books are a one-two punch to the once-celebrated Atkins Diet, a wave that swept America a decade ago. That diet became the rage as consumers shunned pasta and bread and other carbs and substituted lots of animal protein instead.

"Skinny Bitch" says lay off the "dead, rotting, decomposing flesh of carcasses." And despite its far-reaching premise, the first book has sold nearly 900,000 copies.

There are hundreds of diet books in bookstores, but with sales soon to exceed 1 million, "Skinny Bitch" is the one with the perfect pitch.


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