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By on March 28, 2008 with 0 Comments By Wayne Pacelle

Readers have sounded off in the run-up to this year’s Canadian seal hunt. Among the comments we’ve received:

Thank you, HSUS, for attempting to help create a seal watch industry. About 10 years ago, I had the privilege of traveling to the ice floes of Canada to see the mother seals and their pups, and it was the most beautiful, spectacular trip I have ever taken in my life. To be out on the ice, watching them interact with a backdrop of nothing but ice and sky, hearing them call to each other, was truly breathtaking. The only thing that ruined it for me was the knowledge that many of these same seals would die at the hands of sealers shortly after we returned home. I contacted many Canadian government officials at that time urging that they establish a seal watch industry rather than a seal slaughter industry. Hopefully The HSUS will be able to make this a reality now. Bless you HSUS for all that you do for animals; I am so proud to be a member and supporter. —Sharon Deming

I for one would gladly come to the ice floes of Eastern Canada to witness in awe the beauty of these beautiful seal pups. I have made it abundantly clear to the tourism department that until this slaughter is stopped, I will not spend one penny or set foot in the Maritime provinces. —Linda Simard

I would be the first in line to be able to watch the seals in their natural habitat. The slaughter has to end now; it is one of the most heartbreaking acts I have ever known. The only way I would ever visit Canada is if they would stop the slaughter of the seals. Thank you for everything you do for them and for standing up for these beautiful creatures. God bless all of you for all you do! —Brandi

I am completely appalled by seal slaughtering. My friends and I have boycotted restaurants that buy from Canada. I wish we could do more. I hope and pray that one day Canada will stop and provide seal watching instead. I would buy a ticket for that any day. Thank you HSUS for all your hard work. —Annette

My heart goes with everyone involved in documenting the seal pup slaughter. Hopefully with such a talented photographer on board, the images brought back will be compelling enough to wake the world up to what is going on up there. My stomach is in knots anticipating what will happen there soon. Be safe. And know that there are many of us wishing you only the best in your quest. —Lisa J.

I’ve been crying for the past hour since I found this site. I haven’t been able to watch any of the videos as I know that will make me physically ill. It saddens me beyond belief to know that this type of "hunt" could be condoned by any civilized human—for any reason. It seems that only humans can take such beauty and innocence and completely defile it. —Jessica Edwards

It saddens me so deeply to know that most people argue about the seal hunt without any knowledge about the real history behind it. The Canadian government has his eyes blinded by economics and argues that the seal population “needs” to be cut down to maintain an equilibrium with fish populations. The seal population has not been measured for years, and if it has the results are not shown to the public. Regardless, NOBODY can say that this is not an atrocity, an abomination, a brutality justified by economics. —Jessica Ramirez

Every spring I dread the feeling in my gut knowing that along with the anticipation of new life on the ice floes of Canada there is also much pain, suffering and blood. I truly, every day, cannot comprehend the stubbornness of the Canadian government nor willingness of the sealers who, despite worldwide protest, go about this bludgeon-fest without a second thought completely desensitized to what they are really doing. My husband works hard every day outdoors for a living and we live within our humble means. I nor he cannot imagine anticipating getting up bright and early with club in hand and box cutter in pocket heading out to barbarically massacre new life for supplemental income or otherwise. We would rather do without. It is truly unfathomable. —Margaret Bunce

Wayne, Nigel, Rebecca, everyone who helps—thank you for being so strong and brave—emotionally, physically, and verbally. Staying strong during these events of such extreme cruelty that you witness cannot be easy. And I just want to thank you over and over again and again for doing it—for the animals. —Darci Hortness

I am awestruck by the beauty of your photos. Such innocence reminds me of when my own children were born and how beautiful it was to see this new life. I too am deeply saddened by the thought that these babies will be murdered for their fur. Wouldn’t people be appalled if someone came into their home and bludgeoned their children to death? I can only imagine what the mother seals must feel! Such heartache and such sorrow. I will never understand why human beings feel that they can do whatever they please no matter the cost to our ecosystem. I will be doing whatever I can to stop this and educating my children about things like this. —Karen

I am thankful of what you are doing to save the baby seals. I am a concerned student at my school. There about 5 to 7 percent of kids at my school who know about this. I am one of them. If I could get my school to approve of this video then the percent of my school who would care would be about 99.9 percent. But the principal at my school might not approve of the video. If they say no I will make them change their minds. The young people should be a part of saving the seals too. In the future there will be no more slaughtering of baby seals. With the help of my school and other schools, there will be no more baby seal slaughtering. —Brittany Chinchar

This is completely unbelievable, I remember seeing awful pictures in the national newspapers in the U.K. many years ago reporting on this disgusting slaughter. I cannot believe that Canada has let (or has been allowed to let) this continue for so long. For such a forward-thinking country you would think they would not act so barbaric in the 21st century! I think it is time to go worldwide again as I have not seen much in the papers in recent years. With such a prolific photographer I hope the pictures do find the front pages of all national newspapers in both North America and Europe. I will be visiting my sister who lives in Toronto, Canada this summer and would like to make a statement. Is there anywhere I can purchase anti-seal slaughter clothing? Keep up the good work. —Helen Bracknell, Berkshire, U.K.

Note: You can purchase ProtectSeals cause gear at The HSUS’s online store, Humane Domain.

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