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By on June 27, 2008 with 0 Comments By Wayne Pacelle

Last Friday in celebration of Take Your Dog to Work Day I posted a picture of Piper, one of the many pups who benefits from The HSUS’s dogs in the office program.

Dog Piper at The HSUS office With more and more employers now allowing dogs in the office—a remarkable 17 percent, according to a recent report—HSUS staff weren’t the only workers who observed the day in the company of canines. My blog post was featured on the Everything TypePad blog where we learned that the company also enjoys a dog-friendly workplace. And CNN’s Anderson Cooper, a Genesis Awards recipient who consistently has an eye to animals, gave a nod to the holiday on his popular 360° program, featuring one of Piper’s Chihuahua brethren from Florida.

Thanks to everyone who put words into Piper’s mouth and offered photo captions—it’s been fun to read your ideas as they rolled in. It was a tough task but after looking through them all I’ve created a top ten list of favorites:

10. Me, type? I could try… —Julie
9. You’ve got to see these humans at work to believe it! —DJ and Tilin the corgi
8. Hey! Who took my anti-fur button? —Pamela Bertsch
7. OK, so I was in a hurry this morning and forgot to shave! —Terri Cunningham
6. You think this is easy?! YOU try running a company from under a desk! —Lauren Schilling
5. Uh oh, here comes the nervous toots and diarrhea. —Lauren Moretti
4. I’m so small I think he’s forgotten I’m here… Hello??? —Lizabeth
3. Oh my gosh, a BIG RED TURD on my first "bring your dog to work" day. Do you think he’ll notice? —Dr. Glenda Berg
2. Go ahead and make the Chihuahua mixed with a rat joke one more time and we’ll see what happens. —Riley
1. And, the winner: Has anyone seen my squeaky chew toy? I had it right here, now it’s gone! Anyone? It’s RED… it SQUEAKS… you CHEW on it? —Lauren Schilling


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