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By on June 4, 2008 with 0 Comments By Wayne Pacelle

You’ve done it again. I am so touched by the generosity and dedication of our supporters. You are extraordinary, and I am so glad we are joined together in the fight for animals.

For the second time in a month, when the U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance (USSA) took action to harm pets, you responded. A few weeks ago, you contributed more than $50,000—after the USSA attacked a program with Meijer to raise $5,000 for our pet foreclosure fund.

This time, you responded in an even more determined way to the latest USSA outrage: a campaign to halt legislation to crack down on puppy mills and ludicrous charges by the group that The HSUS opposes pet keeping. We asked our supporters to donate $10 for every pet they have—to help animals, to show USSA we love our pets, and to teach USSA a lesson that we’ll not sit still when they engage in slander and disreputable campaigns. In fact, we’ll use their tactics and rhetoric to raise more money to fight the abuses that are the USSA stock-and-trade.

Since I posted the blog 48 hours ago calling on you to donate $10 for every pet you have, we’ve raised $120,000! That’s twice the amount you donated to the first appeal.

My message to USSA is this: Stop the lies and stop the petty, punitive campaigns against pets, or you’ll see us respond as we’ve now done twice. Our next goal will be to raise $200,000 if they engage in more of their claptrap.

We’ll put this $120,000 toward our campaign to protect pets (focused on eliminating puppy mills and driving euthanasia rates to zero), our Wildlife Abuses campaign (combating canned hunts, aerial wolf killing, contest shoots, poaching, and other despicable abuses), and our other work protecting animals.

In addition to your financial support, we received more than 1,500 photos of people and their pets with personal messages of support. We’ve posted these to our virtual photo album. Be sure to take a look when you have a chance (you can view a slideshow of the photos below, or see them all here) and, if you haven’t already, please add your pet’s photo.

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Below are just a few of the great responses we’ve received about why your pets support The HSUS.

Because he came from a neglectful home and therefore truly understands the importance of the good work that the HSUS is doing to uplift human consciousness to the plight of animals worldwide. —"Sunny" – Susan in Montara, CA

Yukon and Dakota appear in the "Pets
Supporting The HSUS" photo album.

They care deeply about the millions of homeless pets that are euthanized every year. Their hearts break when they see so many pets that are unloved. Dakota happens to be a puppy mill rescue who has a few lingering issues from his earlier life. He especially does not want this to happen to any other animals. —"Yukon & Dakota" – Lisa in Jacksonville, FL

We support the HSUS because they give a voice to animals that can’t speak for themselves. Pets are family and shouldn’t be abused or used as a cash crop. —"Elvis" – Lifetrooper in Glen Burnie, MD

Sophie and Finn support the HSUS because both were born in a Pennsylvania puppy mill. Their parents, along with countless other dogs, are still there—enduring unfathomable abuse and neglect. It is very difficult to believe that the federal and state governments have yet to completely ban commercial puppy mills, and the fact that groups are uniting to AFFIRMATIVELY SUPPORT this practice is despicable. We want to help support the Humane Society in its efforts to fight back and give these poor animals the voice they desperately need. —"Sophie and Finn" – Erica in Hoboken, NJ

Pip would rather lounge in the sun, or run around with other dogs outside than chase down wildlife trapped in pens, or participate in the other unsporting and inhumane activities—such as canned hunts, trophy hunting of threatened species, and contest kills—that the USSA advocates. —"Pip" – Ralph in Fairfax, Virginia

Patches changed my life. After adopting him seven years ago and realizing what opinions, thoughts, and feelings he had, I became vegetarian and decided to dedicate my life for the animals which is why I work for HSUS. Maizy is also amazing! We rescued her three months ago—starving on the streets of Trenton, N.J. with a collar embedded in her neck that had to be surgically removed. She has a collapsed trachea because of it and a scar, also a bad heart valve. Despite her suffering and hard life, she is the most loving, affectionate, amazing dog. She is a daily lesson of love and forgiveness. —"Maizy and Patches" – Kelcey in Philadelphia, PA

Scooter supports The HSUS because she knows other animals don’t have it as good as she does, and she wants to make sure there is an advocate for those who cannot speak for or defend themselves against human cruelty and neglect. —"Scooter" – Kathy in Madison, GA

Susan of Virginia submitted this photo
of HSUS supporter Tinker Bell.

The HSUS cares more about Gunther’s and Puff’s wellbeing than any other organization in the world, and they also respect and support responsible pet owners. —"Gunther & Puff" – Dana in Ponte Vedra, FL

Larry was an abused kitten which has left him with permanent health issues. He wants to make sure that no other pet has to go through what he did. —"Larry" – Renee in Queens Village, NY

Because not every animal gets the love, care, and respect they deserve. —"Harley" – Lauren in PA

Because if it weren’t for good people who help animals and confront cruelty and neglect, she wouldn’t even be here. —"Jing Jing" – Gina in Los Angeles, CA

Bridgette was saved by a humane society and supports the HSUS’s ongoing efforts to put a stop to barbaric dogfighting and the horrible abuse of breeding dogs in puppy mills. Bridgette also appreciates the HSUS’s efforts to provide aid to animals of all shapes and sizes… even cats! —"Bridgette" – Gigi in Coinjock, North Carolina

Dixie and I support the HSUS because of their relentless efforts and successes in protecting animals everywhere. And our hope is that all pets will have homes where they are loved and cared for—just as Dixie is! —"Dixie" – Sandy in Canton, GA

Grizzly loves the HSUS because he was once a homeless pet taken in by a humane society where he waited for nearly two years to find his forever home. The thought of animals being abused and neglected in puppy mills or backyard fighting arenas is a heartbreaking tragedy to Grizzly and his family and he wants to always do what he can to help put a stop to these terrible practices. He will always support the efforts of the HSUS and wants all animals to enjoy the happiness of love and security that he has finally found. —"Grizzly" – Gigi in Coinjock, NC

Andie Summers, an HSUS staffer, posted
this photo with her horse Ben.

Max came from a rough home. He supports HSUS because he knows what it is like to be mistreated… and he would rather be spoiled in our home! —"Max" – Laurie in Michigan

Because he can’t bare any animal suffering. —"Elvis" – Lisa in Crofton, MD

You stand up for all animals without compromise or fear! —"Bruno and Wally" – Jim in Nederland, CO

Molly has many animal friends and believes in their rights and protection. She wants to ensure that animals, especially the most vulnerable, have a voice. Woof! —"Molly" – Lisa in Alexandria, VA

Sunny is a Katrina survivor—rescued from Hattiesburg, Miss. by the HSUS. She was found in a culvert giving birth to seven puppies. She is an incredible, loving girl who is forever grateful to HSUS. —"Sunny" – Susan in Madison, WI

She wants people to understand that all animals deserve to be treated with respect and compassion, and The HSUS works towards that goal. —"Lily" – Susie in Eugene, Oregon

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