A Fighting Chance for Chicago Dogs

By on July 30, 2008 with 0 Comments By Wayne Pacelle

A Chicago training class
© Erica Green
People and dogs both learn inside a Chicago training class.

Yesterday, I wrote about a few of our programs for companion animals—the wide range of services and activities we engage in to reduce euthanasia, to improve the operation of animal shelters across the nation, to foster the bond between people and their companions, and to halt the exploitation of dogs by a wide range of industries.

We at The HSUS are very good at policy work, and getting better all the time at training and enforcement, and we can measure these results. Rehabilitating dogs caught up in bad situations is one thing, but the cultural work of softening the hearts of the people involved in these industries is harder to measure.

That’s why I found this piece on an NBC affiliate in Chicago so encouraging, for it shows an active program of teaching people about responsible care and the satisfaction of a close relationship with a dog—one that’s unmarred by the violence of the fighting pit. We’re hoping to repeat the success of the Chicago program in other cities. 

Please watch the video—you’ll be glad you did.

Watch the video.

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