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By on July 11, 2008 with 0 Comments By Wayne Pacelle

The blog in many ways is a chronicle of the work of The HSUS and the reflection to a degree of the tilt of animal protection in the United States and around the globe. I am always interested in your comments, and today, I publish a smattering of thoughts on recent blogs. Thanks for your feedback and keep it coming.

On the rescue of nearly 700 dogs from a Tennessee puppy mill:

All these animals are so lucky to have people like HSUS. I work for the humane shelter here in Nashville and our adoption drive with the rescued pups and dogs from Hickman County was a success! Thousands of animals would be lost and not even have a chance if it weren’t for the HSUS. Thank you many times over for ALL that you and your organization do. —Pamela Parton

I just want to say that I am adopting one of these dogs and am so happy and proud to be doing so. I stood in line at the BCHS for hours but it is so worthwhile and I beg all those who are seeking a pet to PLEASE go to your local humane society or animal shelter. DO NOT patronize a business that is so cruel, filthy and seedy. —Susan M.

As a Tennessee resident and licensed Vet Tech, I don’t know how to thank you enough for putting a stop to this massive puppy mill. Wayne, thank you from the veterinary community. I don’t think it could have been stopped without your help. Please don’t ever stop fighting for them. THANK YOU!!! —Jennifer

I was both excited and sad to hear about the Tennessee puppy mill raid. This cruelty should not be allowed. I am attending the Taking Action for Animals Conference to learn how to help support the Humane Society’s efforts to stop all animal abuse. I believe we can get the laws changed and I hope to be a part of that process. Good job on that raid. Those animals are thanking you every day and I am glad as a Humane Society member to have played a small part in their emancipation. Let’s keep this up. —Yvonne Marshall

Ever since I was a little girl I had a special place in my heart for animals and the way they are treated. Now I am 27 and realize if there is going to be a change in a way these animals are going to be treated it starts with me. I am so glad that there is a place like HSUS that helps these animals. Animals deserve to be treated better, and it starts with people like us to make it happen. —Roxanne

There definitely needs to be more laws to help protect our four-legged friends. After all, if we can’t protect them, who can? —Katie McNiel

Keep up the good work in shutting down puppy mills, but don’t forget the kittens. I recently adopted a funny looking "stray" from an animal shelter, and in an attempt to find out her ancestry, I stumbled across an appalling online trade in "exotic" cats. Please, drive these people out from under the radar! —Cindy Emmons

In response to the news that Leona Helmsley directed that her entire estate be spent on the welfare and care of dogs:

I think the judge should respect Leona’s wishes and leave the money where it can do the most good for pets and their care. That is the spirit of her intentions and so be it. The funds could do so much for dogs everywhere including abandoned dogs due to the economy or disasters, and end the puppy mill industry once and for all. —Teri

Thanks for staying on top of this and keeping us informed. Leona’s wishes must be honored. —Cynthia

I’m thrilled to learn about this! This is an amazing possibility. What can we do to push this along, that’s what I want to know. To have this money go into organizations like the HSUS is a dream come true, and I mean that. Wonderful news! —Maria

This is such wonderful news. I will be praying that this fortune that Leona left will go to the animals. God bless her! —Lauren

Thank you, Wayne, for mentioning maltreatment in greyhound racing in your post about the potential for all of the good that can flow from the billions from Leona Helmsley’s estate. All too often concerns of greyhound adoption folks rest just there, with them alone, and are not addressed or heard by other folks in animal welfare agencies. I appreciate you, on behalf of HSUS, bringing these dear dogs into your folds of concern. Thanks!—Elizabeth M. Johnson

On the letter written for about The HSUS’s ongoing investigation into the abuse of downed dairy cattle at slaughter plants and auctions:

It saddens me that while The HSUS is sharply focused on exposing cruelty to animals and an unsafe meat supply for humans, others are more interested in prancing around causing chaos and confusion. America watched in horror as the media revealed the undercover investigation of the Hallmark/Westland meat packing plant. Now America awaits the solution. —PJ Bertsch

Wayne, what I like the most about you is your ability to be thorough in your dealings with investigation results reporting. Before making any findings public, you seem to have all your ducks in order so that when the pressure gets turned up on YOU, you have the ammunition to fight back in a rational and logical manner. I emphasize the attacks on YOU and the HSUS because it is just a deflection by those in the industry who are either too lazy or too comfortable lining their pockets on the backs of languishing animals to examine their own practices. It seems all too easy to uncover inhumane practices from auction to slaughter; it shouldn’t be so difficult for these people to believe what’s happening is a problem with the industry, not with the HSUS. Kudos to the HSUS for keeping food safety and humane treatment of farm animals in the public eye. I say it in my blog often that being on the correct side of all these issues, despite the criticism, is always the best place to be. There’s no arguing with common sense and compassion—I often wonder why people even try. —Lisa J.

You will, of course, be attacked for speaking the truth, but let’s face it: The HSUS is VERY moderate compared to some other animal rights organizations. You manage to coexist and have meaningful dialogue with hunters, meat packers, a wide spectrum of people and organizations with differing points of view. That is one of the reasons that yours is one of the primary organizations I support, because I feel you can [get] the most done this way. I know that you personally, Wayne, are a vegan and would much prefer that no one were to eat animals, especially knowing what you now know about the horrors of modern farming. Still, you try not to disparage anyone needlessly. I find that admirable. Thanks for taking the heat; we’re with you. —Lorraine

And about the Dogs of Valor Awards:

While commenting on my dedication to animal wellbeing, especially dogs, a friend of mine said "dogs were put on this earth to serve mankind." My reply was "no, they were put on earth to save mankind." Your Dogs of Valor clearly show that these beautiful creatures love us more than we can ever imagine. They are ALL winners. Might I suggest another contest—Circle of Valor—dedicated to the hundreds of rescue groups who give of their time, money, heart and soul in rescuing and rehoming abandoned, neglected and abused animals. They, along with their rescued animals, are the true heroes in a world of so few… —Jonathan Gilbert

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