Talk Back: Faith in Animals

By on October 20, 2008 with 0 Comments By Wayne Pacelle

Last week I posted some of your comments about California’s Proposition 2, and I hope to share more of your feedback later this week. In the meantime I wanted to publish some of your recent comments on other topics.

The conversation continues around The HSUS’s two recent legal wins for wolves:

I am thrilled that wolves will not be removed from the Endangered Species List. As a lifetime resident of Alberta, Canada I feel a kinship with the wolves that were relocated in the U.S. We in Alberta live successfully with wolves and are not threatened by them. They are truly wonderful animals and deserve to be protected. —Kathleen Nadon

From my perspective this may have been HSUS’s crowning achievement for the relatively short period of time I’ve been involved with the organization. I loved reading the comments. Again, congratulations. Wolves are my favorite animal as well. —Dwight Lowell

Several of you also weighed in on the recent observance of the Feast Day of Saint Francis. Among your comments:

All of us who are part of the faith community should be vigilant about speaking up for animals. We above all have a responsibility to protect all living beings. I just do not understand how anyone who calls themselves a Christian (which is my faith) can abuse an innocent animal. But sadly I see and hear of it often. I think all animal welfare organizations should address this issue in the way the HSUS has. I also hope the clergy and other religious leaders will get more involved. —Barbara

Go Wayne, go! You make us all so proud getting the good message out there about caring for and protecting all our animals. —Em C

It is comforting to know that my four cats: Molly, Snowdrift, Cookie, and Sara, all have a patron saint looking after them. It is also good to know that all these precious animals that are barbarically killed in these creepy research labs and slaughterhouses are in a much more peaceful and beautiful place where they are loved, respected and looked after by the angels and saints. —Sharon Girouard

Some of you shared stories in response to my post about "African Critters," the new book by National Geographic photographer Bobby Haas:

How wonderful! I just bought the book, “African Critters,” for my nephew for Christmas, and it is so nice to know the proceeds will benefit the HSUS. I know my nephew will benefit from the book as well. He is an avid reader and loves animals as I do. This young boy is a gentle soul and I hope to instill in him the values that you have instilled in so many people in regards to animal welfare. You have truly opened my eyes to so many things and I am forever grateful for that! I truly enjoy your daily blogs and am so thankful that all animals have someone so special as you to help them. God bless you and all the animals, too! —Karen E Wagner

Can’t wait to buy it. I was a volunteer caretaker for baboons in South Africa for a month in 2005, and then I went on safari while staying at a fabulous, simply elegant, small resort in Sabi Sands. I’ve traveled some, and to this day, that entire six weeks was the best of my life. So I will buy the book not only for myself but also for my sister, who joined me for the safari portion of my trip. Glad to know that 100 percent of the proceeds will go to the HSUS, too. It’s a win-win! —Deedee D.

And finally, many of you were excited about the farm animal-themed week of MUTTS strips from Patrick McDonnell. Among your praise:

I love it when compassion and talent come together! Kudos to Mr. McDonnell! —Pamela Bertsch

Patrick McDonnell sounds like a wonderful man with a big heart. I’m so glad he has the courage to speak out on these issues and make them accessible to the public. —Sara N


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