Here a Lie, There a Lie, Everywhere a Lie-Lie

By on October 13, 2008 with 0 Comments By Wayne Pacelle

On Tuesday, Oprah airs a debate of sorts on Proposition 2—today’s flashpoint in the larger national debate over factory farming. And tonight, KGO-TV in San Francisco is breaking a new investigation into one of California’s biggest battery cage factory farms.

I’ll let you watch the "Oprah" treatment and the KGO-TV news story for yourself, and limit my own comments.

Egg-laying hens in a battery cage

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Egg-laying hens in a battery cage.

But suffice to say that the apologists for factory farming have been repeating their mantras so long they hardly know the difference between truth and falsehood.

They claim they care for the animals, but how can a "family farm" operation, as they describe themselves, attend to the needs of a million laying hens on a single operation? They cannot possibly count the animals—no mind give them a decent life. It’s not a farm, but a factory, and the animals are just a collection of commodities and meat- and egg-producing machines.

They claim the animals are happy, but how can it be good for animals if they are kept in a state of immobility for their entire lives? Their most basic instincts—such as nesting, perching, and dust-bathing—are entirely denied to them in these small wire cages. Animals built to move should be allowed to move, and these severe confinement systems don’t even afford them something so basic.

The opponents claim that they are family farmers, but 75 percent of their money comes from out-of-state factory farms—in Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, Mississippi, and other states. Many of these companies are responsible for unacceptable animal cruelty, environmental despoilation, and consumer deception. You can read about them on

These Agribusiness Big Shots want to tell us that black is white and white is black. They want us to believe that it’s good to keep animals in severe confinement, with their beaks cut off and living above their own waste. We know better, and with our army of advocates, we are reaching California voters person by person.

Don’t relent in this fight. So much hinges on our hard work and speaking truth to power.

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