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By on October 31, 2008 with 0 Comments By Wayne Pacelle

Today, the Field Poll, an independent and respected polling firm, released results on Prop 2 and had 60 percent of likely voters favoring the measure and 27 percent opposing it, with 13 percent undecided.

While this snapshot of voter opinion is encouraging, we at The HSUS are not relaxing or relenting. Thousands of animal advocates will be canvassing neighborhoods for YES! on Prop 2, making phone calls, and otherwise getting the word out on this historic ballot initiative between now and election day.

On election night, I’ll be blogging live from our election central headquarters in Los Angeles. We’ll be posting election returns as we get them from state and media sources. So please check in to the blog for regular updates and commentary as the returns roll in. The first returns should come in by 8:30 p.m. PST.

You’ve had lots of feedback on my frequent posts on the issue, and I wanted to share some of your comments.

For the sake of farm animals, Prop 2 MUST pass! How can we sit down at our tables eating chicken or any other animal meat knowing that these animals gave their lives for us, never having had the chance for freedoms each of us enjoy—the smell of grass, the open sky above, the chance to move—whether for these animals it was a chance to flap wings or run or roll around in a cool mud bath, or just to chew on grasses below a wide-open sky above. If we are to call ourselves "humane" we have no choice but to vote Yes on Prop 2. If this proposition does not pass, then for this Californian, the only choice will be vegetarian or buy cage-free eggs and cage-free animal meat only. If there are enough people like me, then how much money will the big agribusinesses make off their poor, suffering animals? Please join me in doing the right thing: Vote Yes on Prop 2! —Carol

I sensed the deep sadness in Dave Long’s voice as he spoke about the living conditions of the multitudes of laying hens at the factory farm adjacent to his property. The awareness being raised by the "YES! on Prop 2" campaign alone regarding the cruelty aspect of confinement/suffering of the animals in factory farms is in itself a great victory; however, it’s due time for the final blow. —PJ

Trust me, Wayne. This is a measure I will keep on talking about until Nov. 5. I want to see this Prop passed and give the animals sweet justice! Can’t wait! —Maria

Your recent aggressive advertising campaigns are excellent! The program on Oprah where Wayne Pacelle presented the facts was outstanding and now on our satellite television stations there are commercials showing the deplorable conditions of animals where he again makes his statements. All of these efforts are so important. You are to be commended. Thank you so much. —Elaine Harmon in Texas

Thank you Wayne and the HSUS for producing such electrifying commercials. People need to see how their food is produced. If they truly care about animals they would not support this industry. To eat the products from these companies is to condone their cruelty. —Michelle Staples

Every time I watch one of these videos I can’t help but remember what the HSUS’s incredible Gretchen Wyler used to say: “Cruelty can’t stand the spotlight.” The evidence is overwhelmingly obvious. Now all the voters need to do is vote YES on Prop. 2! —PJ Bertsch

We must pass Prop 2!! The way we treat animals in our society says so much! The question is not: Can they reason? The question is: Can they suffer? Yes, these beautiful creatures have feelings and it’s time for us as a nation to have a heart and at least allow the animals to stretch, turn around, etc. It’s the least we can do!! Please have a heart and vote YES on Prop 2!! —MaryKay Bills

Wayne, you are such a good, kindhearted man. I was unaware of how these farms treated animals but after learning more and becoming aware, I have quit eating meat and am passing out Yes on Prop 2 flyers everywhere I go. You, my friend, are making a huge difference for the positive for the animals. —Robert Scott

How far we have fallen as humans that we could treat another living being how we treat animals “farmed for food.” That groups could lie for the sake of their “agribusinesses.” I’m passing your video address onto everyone I know. It’s clear, it’s concise and factual and it resonates with both our hearts and our heads. Yes on Prop 2! —Stacy Thomas

Thank you for your bravery, determination and hard work! Let’s keep fighting together! —Patricia Giurleo

God, Wayne, I can’t thank you enough for your tireless work on getting Prop 2 passed. I feel so incredibly grateful that such a strong voice and the powerhouse of The HSUS is behind this effort. I’m not religious, but I pray that all these animals get the rights they so deserve. My gosh, isn’t it about time? YES on 2! —Maria

I am praying for Prop 2 to pass and congratulations to HSUS and others for getting this far. Since the big beef recall in February I have changed my eating habits and have tried to get others to do the same. What’s frustrating is people seem to not want to know or see the horrors of factory farming. —Leigh Anne Schmidt

Last week during the "Yes on Prop 2" lunchtime campaign event in front of my office on Post-Montgomery in San Francisco, I picked up a flyer from one of your volunteers and posted it in my department lunch room. Maybe you can encourage everyone in this country to do the same. Everyone who walks into the office kitchen will see it and be reminded when they hear anything about "Yes on Prop 2." —David Nathanael

I wholeheartedly support HSUS efforts with factory farming. It is absolutely inhumane. The public needs to learn/be informed where their food comes from and how these animals are treated. I want to be a voice in the East to help pass similar laws. Thank you! —Joanne Horsman

I have eliminated my consumption of pork and beef for all the reasons set forth by Prop 2, and for another as well. The physical and mental health of animal farm workers can hardly be good. Yes, people need jobs the industry provides, but society and the environment have greater needs to end the abuse of animals, the workers, and the environment in equal measure. Significantly lowering demand for animal products, even if they are more humanely raised, will benefit human health, grocery budgets, the environment, and reduce the intense negative energy—karma, if you will—brought on by causing so much misery. —Mark McKennon

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