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By on October 3, 2008 with 0 Comments By Wayne Pacelle

Based on your comments to the blog, you were as gleeful as I was about the two recent wins to block efforts to remove wolves from the list of species protected under the Endangered Species Act. If we had not won in court, sport hunters and trappers would have been allowed to kill hundreds of wolves. The first victory, in concert with a number of groups, maintained protections for populations in the northern Rockies, and the second legal win secured protection for wolves in the western Great Lakes region.Today I wanted to share a few of your comments:

This is wonderful news!!! Living in Montana, the arrival of autumn can be, at times, crushingly sad for an animal lover/activist due to the start of "hunting season." I know this news means so much for our wolf population, and it takes some of the sting out of this hunting mess for nature lovers like myself and my family. Thank you so much, HSUS, for working so long and hard to protect the lives and rights of animals! —Sydney

I just wanted to say thanks for saving these wolves. I have the book, "Vanishing Wildlife," and have enjoyed it over the years. What is it that would make anyone want to kill a wolf? I don’t get it. Thanks again for all you do and another contribution will be sent soon. —Pat Ginsbach

I can’t tell you how thrilled I am that this has taken place. Your efforts are enormously appreciated—by all of us who love wolves. —Diane

Seriously, what an awesome day for wolves! They happen to be my favorite animal. Hearing this news is a great way to start the day. I am inspired by your story at the Isle Royale. —Jordan Taylor

I just cannot fathom the continued battle against wolves.  When I hear or read about people talking about a "wolf problem" I just keep thinking, but it’s their land and it is we who have to adjust. Our wildlife is in such peril as it is and most of it is our fault. We have a huge responsibility. Thank you Humane Society for your tenacious work. —Em C

I doubt that your intent was to bring tears to my eyes but this did. Countless thank yous for all that you and your organization do to safeguard our animal friends. —Kathy Kirkpatrick

Rest assured the HSUS will certainly be attacked by the extremist hunting groups mentioned here. They do not like to have their true colors shown. Those of us concerned for the welfare of animals have to stand firm against groups that condone and promote barbaric practices. I’m proud to be a member of the HSUS because I know they will stand up to cruelty wherever it’s found. —Barbara

This is wonderful, wonderful news. Well done, HSUS, on another job well done. In the U.K. we are currently taking baby steps towards re-introducing our native wolf population in Scotland. As you can appreciate this is being met by a lot of local resistance but I am hoping that one day soon it will happen and we will again have wild wolves back where they belong. —Helen Warner

Simply awesome. Couldn’t be happier. Now let’s hope the future holds an end to the aerial gunning of wolves in Alaska too. —Deedee D.

Thank you for the victory on granting the protection of wolves on a federal level. I wish the same were true for lynxes, bobcats and other big cats. I wish they were granted the same protection. The thought of them being brutally killed by these barbaric trophy hunters and other sick people breaks my heart. I am happy for the wolves and I am sad for the wild cats. —Sharon Girouard

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