Animals on the Line

By on November 4, 2008 with 0 Comments By Wayne Pacelle

© Kari Nienstedt
Claire Howe makes calls from Arizona.

Cell phone? Check. Phone roster? Check. Friends, refreshments, can-do attitude? Check, check, check. This past week HSUS volunteers held phone-banking parties around the country to urge Californians to vote yes on Prop 2 on Election Day, culminating a massive months-long effort to get out the vote.

From Idaho to New York, Arizona to Ohio, Washington to Texas, Indiana to Louisiana—dozens of volunteers made thousands of calls in an all-out effort to pass the Prevention of Farm Animal Cruelty Act.

We’re grateful for the extraordinary teamwork and drive of our volunteers in this historic effort. These folks knew they were on the right side of the issue and were absolutely committed to seeing Prop 2 pass. I’m proud to have worked with such volunteers. 

Our Southwest Regional Director Lou Guyton hosted one of the parties at her home in Arlington, Tex., and reported back:

“We had such a great time while working on such an important issue. The volunteers, who had never been involved in an event such as this, were energized by their ability to participate and make a difference in the lives of animals. They’re eager to continue on the path to grassroots advocacy.”

© Kelly Peterson
Volunteer callers in Oregon gather with a "YES! on Prop 2" cake.

Idaho State Director Lisa Kaufman rounded up 32 supporters in Boise who called nearly 650 people in three hours. Dean Vickers, Ohio state director, and a group of friends made nearly 400 calls Halloween night. Last night Kelly Peterson in Oregon divvied up 400 calls among eight friends, contributing "in our small way even though we are a thousand miles away." Kari Nienstedt, Arizona state director, met with volunteers at her home in Scottsdale. Her group made nearly 700 calls, and she said almost all the people they called were eager to support the animals.

“We heard story after story of people who cared for animals and were voting yes because ‘it is the right thing to do’,” she said.

Right indeed.


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