Your Votes Are My Cat’s Meow

By on February 5, 2009 with 0 Comments By Wayne Pacelle

Libby the cat
© The HSUS/Riley
My cat Libby.

This morning I finally got around to entering my cat Libby in The HSUS’s Spay Day Online Pet Photo Contest. For the past few weeks, the entries have been streaming in, and we have an amazing 27,000 submissions! Thank you for your exhibitions of pride—it’s been quite an experience to read the accounts of so many beaming pet parents.

This contest is about celebrating the amazing bond we share with our animals. They bring us so much joy, and the remarkable number of submissions reminds me of the depth of passion we have for other creatures.

My cat Libby is always doing something to make me smile. She greets me at the door whenever I come home—she hears the elevator and then apparently makes a mad dash to the door. But, being a cat, she’s fully composed when I open the door, as if she’s been standing there for a while. She then meows for quite a while, apparently asking me why I have been gone at work for 12 or 14 hours. She’s outraged, asking me why am I trying to help all of those other animals when she’s more than worthy of all the affections I can apportion.

When I seat myself at my desk and gaze at the computer, she walks around me, gracefully gliding over or around my papers, water glass, cell phone, and any other obstacle on the desk; when I am reading, she jumps onto my lap; and when I am sleeping, she walks on me as if I am a pile of rocks, eventually settling right up against me and barring me from rolling over to one side.

She really likes chasing shadows, too, and the laser light brings out the bobcat in her. Who would have thought that a red dot would look so much like a mouse to her?

Spay Day 2009 T-shirt
The Spay Day 2009 T-shirt (see a
larger view of the front and back).

While I must recuse myself from the competition for the contest prizes for obvious reasons, I’d love if you would give Libby some votes. You can vote for her here. Every $1 donation counts for one vote (so $5 for 5 votes, $10 for 10 votes, and so on), and every dollar raised helps spay and neuter animals throughout the country, and even around the world.

And as a special incentive for blog readers, Libby and I will send one of the official Spay Day 2009 T-shirts (do you mind if it has some cat hair on it?) to anyone who donates 50 votes ($50) or more to her photo. The deadline for votes is midnight on March 6, so we have almost a month to help Libby with her philanthropic endeavor.

If you haven’t already entered your pet, be sure to do so—we have some really great prizes this year. The last day to enter is Feb. 27.

I'll show Libby her profile tonight, but my guess is, she won’t be interested. A good back-scratching is far preferred, I’ll bet.

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