Talk Back: Jumping for JCPenney

By on March 13, 2009 with 0 Comments By Wayne Pacelle

It seems many of you are JCPenney fans, now that the company has gone fur-free. You express your enthusiasm better than I could have! Here’s what some of you had to say.

Yeah JCPenney! You give us the greatest reason of all to shop at your store. We will spread the word about your decision. Fur stinks and people are educated these days … they know that wearing fur is a crime against living beings. Your decision to stop selling fur is progressive and we will absolutely do our shopping with you. Thank you! —Erlyn, Mark and Katie

So great to hear that more stores are going fur-free. I wish some of the main fashion magazines would join in. Seems like the next generation should know better… —Anne Good

I am so HAPPY that JCPenney's is fur-free! We need more of these big companies to step up to the plate and go fur-free like and Henri Bendel have. This fur industry is the worst of the worst and it brings tears to my eyes every time I think of the cruelty of it. It unnerves me to my very soul. The raccoon dogs are near and dear to my heart now as all animals are and I pray that this fur nightmare will end. HSUS and HSI—THANK YOU for EVERYTHING you do to help all these animals. I know one day this fur nightmare will end because of your hard work and dedication. God bless all of you and the animals too! —Karen E Wagner

Hallelujah! I live in Plano, Texas, one street from the JCPenney headquarters. A few years ago a few of us from the Dallas area protested in front of the CEO of JCPenney's apartment building pleading with him to stop buying fur. Our dream has now come true! I will no longer have to drive by the headquarters and growl. Time for a big THANK YOU to JCPenney! —Pamela Bertsch

I love the feel of fur, that's why I hug and pet my eight little companion animals. That's the only fur for me! —Aurora Cooney

As far as fur is concerned … it should be banned … period. To be honest, I never really thought about fur and how it was "harvested" until a few years ago. I have never had the desire or wanted anything with fur but when I started to read what happens to these innocent animals for the sake of vanity, it makes me sick thinking about it. It was welcome news to read that some of these well known companies are becoming humane and changing for the wellbeing of animals. It's heartbreaking enough to read what happens to animals for their fur; I have not been able to bring myself to watch the videos. I know I would never get the pictures out of my mind BUT I do whatever I can to educate people who even mention fur. Kudos to you Wayne and the companies who are taking a stand for saving animals. —Nancy Ball

I just read this article and watched the HSUS investigation video and I feel so stunned, shocked, horribly sickened, and traumatized by what I saw. It's beyond my comprehension that this cruelty and brutality exists and is happening now. Soon (as you well know) this will be happening in Canada, with the baby seals getting beaten and skinned alive in front of their mothers. My heart is so sickened and heavy with sadness that such cruelty goes on towards all of these helpless and innocent animals. Thank you for all of the work that you and HSUS do. It seems to be endless, but you have made so much progress already and many victories have been won. You people are amazing. —Lois Rosenberg

That's encouraging news. After seeing the amount of fur on display at the Paris fashion show last week I felt like we were fighting a losing battle in the war against fur and for all of the animals who suffer and die in the name of fashion. It helps to know we are winning on some fronts even if we have more to do. It's even better to know that HSUS will be out there in the forefront of the battle against the use of fur and for the animals, whether cage-reared or taken in the wild, that are used to supply an insensitive fashion industry with fur for clothing. —Angela Auletta


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