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By on March 27, 2009 with 0 Comments By Wayne Pacelle

As world pressure mounts against the hunt, our ProtectSeals team remains in Canada to document the annual commercial seal kill and broadcast the cruelty across the world. So many of you have been moved by the reports sent back by Rebecca Aldworth and today I wanted to post some of your comments:

I just finished watching the new video of the seal slaughter and I am so devastated. I cannot even imagine how Ms. Rebecca and her team are feeling. This is truly an outrage and one of the most horrifying things I have ever seen. You said it, this is truly hell. All for fur? I cannot even find words as I am angry and sickened by this. My thoughts and prayers go out to Ms. Rebecca and her team and also to all those beautiful babies out there. I pray that God will keep all of them safe. —Karen Wagner

Thanks to Rebecca for sharing this story. It takes courage to do what you do, to watch this brutality and then document the bloodbath. It saddens me to know that people can do this and have no remorse. Our marine life is precious and we should be protectors, not killers. I hope that our Canadian government will soon wake up to stop this senseless slaughter. Until then I will continue to donate and support this cause. —Nancy Ball

Every day this week I have started out my work day with this blog and a quick cry over the horrors these seals are suffering. All the money I can donate and the friends I can inform cannot satisfy my need to help this cause. —Nicole

I'm checking in every hour for updates from the ice on the horrific seal slaughter nightmare. I'm behind you 100 percent. You and the baby seals are in my thoughts and prayers all day long. God bless each and every one of you! Words cannot express my gratitude to you for your unbelievable bravery. Thank you again. —Patty

My heart hurts reading this. Those poor innocent helpless creatures. I'm ashamed of my kind and hopeful that change will come soon. Thank you for this honest picture. —Shakti

Thank you so much for all that you do. Your work is essential. We are behind you; please don't back down and keep letting us know what we can do to help. It is so easy to get depressed and feel helpless when you aren't directly connected, so keep up the great communication. Even sending a little money or sending a letter to a congressman helps us feel empowered. —Amy Wojcik

This was so awful to read. It should be printed on a full page in every paper, everywhere. People who would buy products from these animals should have to watch this horror. What does this say about our species? Pitiful! When are we going to get this to stop? OMG! —Kathleen Shecter

The video from today was very powerful—having read about this issue for so long just doesn't evoke the same feeling as seeing clubs landing on those pups and blood pools everywhere. —Erhhung Yuan

The recent rescue of more than 350 dogs from miserable conditions at an Arkansas puppy mill also inspired many of you to weigh in. Here's some of your feedback.

I just want to say thank you, thank you, thank you for all you do! I wept as I read about the puppy mill raid and rescue. I know many of us reading about the rescue of these precious animals will sleep better tonight knowing that fewer animals are suffering and neglected. Please keep up the courageous and meaningful work, it is greatly appreciated! —Nicole

My son was part of the teams to help rescue these animals. We, as a family, are big animal lovers and are very proud of the work our son and the rest of the people do to give these animals a new life. God bless them. —Flossy

I made the mistake of reading this blog at work today. I have since warned my friends and family to whom I have forwarded this email to read this in an environment in which it is OK to cry, because that is exactly what I did. As an animal lover my entire life, and as a true advocate for the last 19 years, I am overwhelmed by the wealth of emotion that I have begun to feel towards this particular issue: anger, of course, but also pride and hope that others, like our brave HSUS rescuers, find the abuse of these precious creatures absolutely unacceptable. I attended my first Petland demonstration two weeks ago, and after today's blog, I feel compelled to do whatever is in my power to end this vicious cycle of animal cruelty. Thank you Wayne and HSUS for continuing to bring awareness to this very critical cause. —Tara Spellman

I can understand why your heart went out to the days-old puppy which almost died. It must have been a picture of sheer defenselessness. However, my heart goes out more to the senior Akita that you found both deaf and blind. The poor creature has lived most of his years in sheer misery and fear. The puppy has many years ahead of it and thanks to the HSUS these will be happy ones. The Akita will have one or two years left and although these will be happy I doubt the 10 years before will ever be erased from his senses. This is so sad and upsetting; it makes me so angry that people can treat animals so cruelly. Thankfully the HSUS is here to fight for the animals. —Helen Warner, UK

What a wonderful victory in a sea of so many battles. My heart simply aches knowing there is so much more cruelty that abounds that we are unaware of. And yet I have hope that someday soon there will be many more animals sleeping in peace made possible by mankind than suffering that is caused. —Kathy Kirkpatrick

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