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By on April 20, 2009 with 0 Comments By Wayne Pacelle

The HSUS launched Proposition 2 not just to help 20 million animals confined on California factory farms, but to spark similar anti-factory farming reforms across the nation and to enhance our political clout in the state legislature in Sacramento. It seems to be working. Other states are considering similar reforms, as are major food retailers. And in the wake of Prop 2, there has been a raft of legislation introduced in the state capitol in California to protect wildlife and marine mammals, companion animals, and farm animals.

Jennifer Fearing, who leads our efforts in California.

The farm animal measures were triggered in large part by the landslide vote on Prop 2—a ban on the inhumane and unneeded practice of tail-docking of dairy cattle (S.B. 135, by Sen. Dean Florez) and a ban on the sale of eggs in California that do not meet the standards called for in Prop 2 (A.B. 1437, by Assemblyman Jared Huffman). The tail-docking bill will be heard first in the Senate Food and Agriculture Committee tomorrow, and the ban on the sale of eggs from battery cage operations next week in the Assembly Agriculture Committee.

The key person pushing many of the state bills forward in California is HSUS staffer Jennifer Fearing, who was the Prop 2 campaign manager, and who is testifying today before the Assembly Revenue and Taxation Committee in support of a bill to make pet adoption fees tax deductible (A.B. 233, by Assemblyman Cameron Smyth). The Los Angeles Times profiled her today. After you read the profile, if you are a resident of California, please take a moment to contact your state Senator and Assembly member in California. You can see a list of all bills The HSUS is working on in California here.

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