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By on June 22, 2009 with 0 Comments By Wayne Pacelle

Two recent stories with happy endings—the adoption of Gentle Ben, a blind and elderly Akita who was among more than 300 dogs rescued from an Arkansas puppy mill, and a MUTTS comic strip featuring our own Scotlund Haisley—inspired you, and today I post some of your comments.

In response to Ben's rehoming:

How absolutely wonderful that Ben was adopted and now lives in Vermont. Stories like Ben's bring hope to other animals in similar situations. I have six animals, all from rescue, and all have stories. Many blessings to the wonderful person who adopted Ben, you truly are our hero! —Sonja Gentry

So sweet and deserving. One of millions. Adopt, don't shop. —Charlene Inglis

What a way to brighten up one's day! I was so, so thrilled to hear that Ben was adopted; how wonderful for him and his new family. What beautiful people to make him part of their family and I am moved to tears that Ben will now be so loved and cared for. He truly deserves it. What joy this must bring to all involved! Thank you, HSUS, for making this possible for Ben and his family. All of you at HSUS and HSI, as well as all the volunteers, are so amazing; thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you do. God bless all of you and the animals too! —Karen Wagner

I was so touched with Ben's adoption. I have shed too many tears for the abuse and neglect of all these animals. I am so proud to be a monthly supporter and wish I could do more. Thanks for everything you do! —Maria Love

What a beautiful ending to a horrific beginning! —Rita H.

Gentle Ben is a handsome fellow and his new mom will discover the true joy of loving a "super special senior"! —Tina Ann Byers

This is why I both love and hate people. Hate the people who put these animals in this situation and love the people who are willing to take them on. Thanks for sharing. —Terry B.

And about the MUTTS strip:

I may be the biggest dork in the world, but when Mutts does shelter stories and now this one on puppy mills I never fail to get a lump in my throat or cry. Patrick does it just right every time and he does it with real compassion and love. Really appreciate it too. —Maria

I thoroughly enjoyed this! Glad Mr. Patrick McDonnell printed this MUTTS strip. Hopefully this will make people more aware of what happens to these poor animals as many people do read the funny pages. Please thank Scotlund and his team for all their rescue work! They are truly amazing! I am so impressed with all that they do for these animals. May God bless them and the animals too! —Karen Wagner

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