Barking Orders: Your Dogs at Work Photo Captions

By on July 8, 2009 with 0 Comments By Wayne Pacelle

Soco, a Chihuahua at The HSUS A few weeks ago I asked you to put words in the mouth of Soco, one of our office dogs, in celebration of Take Your Dog to Work Day. It’s always fun to read your photo captions as they come in and I had more than a few laughs narrowing it down to ten favorites. Thanks to all of you who shared suggestions.

10. I also double as a shredder… —Felix Titanius Lowry
9. You leave me home all day for this?! —Nik Mattingley
8. Letters to Congress: check. Letters to the editor: check. We'll get protection yet! —Barb Huning
7. I'm not signing anything until I get a treat. —Aurora Cooney
6. Do you think Bo Obama will answer my letter? —Barbara
5. No! I will not sign this petition to ban squirrel chasing! —Michelle Holdgreve
4. Just sign right here, Mr. Pacelle, to make my pay raise effective retroactively. —Eileen G.
3. Please don't tell me I hit "Reply to All" on that email. —Kathlene Henry-Gorman
2. I thought this was take your dog to work day, not make your dog work day… —Sarah Horan-Sedelmeier
1. And, the winner: One more task today and someone is going to have a surprise in their shoe. —Shonte Warhurst


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