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By on August 14, 2009 with 0 Comments By Wayne Pacelle

I always like to hear your thoughts on my blogs and today I post a few comments in response to some recent posts that you were especially enthusiastic about.

On the pigeon who made herself at home on my deck this summer, raising two fledglings:

It's funny how animals find their way to those of us that love them. I love the story! —Samantha Gentrup

We truly believe that all animals can sense humans that would not bring them harm. We have had numerous experiences somewhat like yours and we know what you mean by they made a mess but they are welcome here anytime. It is truly a privilege for a female to choose your home to bring babies into the world. Thank you for sharing and as always thank you for caring about protecting animals from a world that doesn't always appreciate the beauty that they are. —Erlyn, Mark and Katie

Thanks. Your story made my day. —Patrick Ginsbach

About The HSUS's annual conference, Taking Action for Animals:

My favorite part of TAFA was spending time with people that all share the same passion for animals. The speakers were well prepared and informative, the food was wonderful, and the exhibits were informative. Wayne's speech at the banquet was excellent. —Susan Crosby

It really was a terrific conference. Great energy. So great to see TAFA growing bigger and stronger every year. Can't wait for next year. —Karen Dawn

Dr. Lilly Su with Teddy Bear, treated at an HSVMA Field Services clinic
After treating Teddy, Field Services' Dr. Lilly Su adopted him.

In response to the story of the dog named Teddy Bear, who received lifesaving treatment from Humane Society Veterinary Medical Association staff and volunteers at a recent Field Services clinic:

I read this blog every day and was maybe more moved by today's than any other. The generosity and mission of HSUS's Field Services staff and students, the vets' ability to still be impacted by animals even though they've undoubtedly served countless others before, and the love of a family who would spend everything they had trying to get care for their pet, even if that meant giving him up. It's heart-wrenching yet hopeful. Such a big story from one dog and one family. God bless you guys. —AnimalLover

This story really touched me. Sometimes it is so easy to judge others who are less fortunate, but the one thing that brings all of us together is the love of an innocent animal and the joy we receive when his precious life is saved. Those of us who love animals should support our government leaders who are trying to find ways to solve our economic problems. Instead of just worrying about our own wallets let's all pull together for the good of every living being. After all, next time it could be one of us in that sad situation. —Barbara

This is the type of story that gives me hope. To know there are so many kindhearted souls out there makes me feel so much better for animals and people too! HSUS, thank you for having this wonderful program! I know Teddy Bear's family did the best they could for him with what they had and if not for your program he may not have survived. I am glad Dr. Su adopted Teddy Bear and he will have the most wonderful life. My best to Teddy Bear and Dr. Su and all of you involved in this wonderful program. May God bless all of you and the animals too! —Karen Wagner

About our efforts in California, transporting wild cats from San Nicolas Island to the Fund for Animals Wildlife Center in San Diego County:

Kudos to everyone involved in San Nicolas for sparing the lives of these feral kitties, and I wish them and their caretakers the very best in their new surroundings. —Ace

From one animal lover to another, thank you, thank you, thank you for your continued assistance to all animals! —Danielle

And in response to my post about Pam Constable, a tireless advocate for stray animals in Afghanistan:

Waiting around the D.C. airport for my flight home after the Taking Action for Animals conference, I grabbed a copy of that day's Post and settled in. Pamela Constable's heartbreaking but ultimately happy story of finding her "small dusty dog" Ahu was a perfect cap to a weekend spent learning about animals. I loved the story so much that I have kept it sitting on my kitchen table since arriving home. Animals are lucky to have in her such a talented storyteller and tireless advocate. —Joan McKenna

Enjoyed your story about Pam Constable. Just proves that the human-animal bond transcends race, cultures, war, famine and world family. Think of what we could do for animals if we all joined together. —Pat Ward

Yes, I was particularly taken with this story as I had lived in Kathmandu and New Delhi while in the Foreign Service. Going off the beaten path is the only way to understand the nature of the people. It was different in the 70s. The top vet was not qualified to perform surgery on my new pup's eye, so I had to ask a people doctor to take the tumor out of the lower inner lid. They were more than astonished at the request, but got the job done well. On another note, glad your international arm is going to help the Buddhist nation of Bhutan…they have a serious public health problem brewing, and it's such a poor nation; food is scarce and hunger must be a constant for the dogs. —Mary Haight

I love this story! My hats off to Pam. This is so inspiring. It shows us that one person can truly make a difference. —Payvand

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