Teamwork to the Rescue

By on August 24, 2009 with 0 Comments By Wayne Pacelle

In our campaigns against cruelty there's often no rest for the weary. Fresh off of rescuing more than 500 dogs from a puppy mill in Texas, HSUS staff were on the ground in Virginia this weekend, removing 100 dogs from another deplorable puppy mill. The operator of the facility had surrendered the dogs to Virginia's Augusta County Animal Control, which placed them with the Augusta Regional SPCA. The HSUS partnered with both organizations and the Virginia state veterinarian’s office to remove the dogs and provide emergency care for them in a temporary facility, and take evidence.

We then contacted partnering shelters and rescue groups to take in the dogs for further care and eventual placement in new homes, and we're grateful to the organizations who answered the call for help: the Norfolk SPCA and Richmond SPCA in Virginia (in addition to the Augusta Regional SPCA), Anne Arundel County SPCA in Maryland, and the Washington Animal Rescue League in D.C. 

Among the mastiffs, pugs, Boston terriers, Yorkies, poodles and other dogs rescued, an emaciated, pregnant Great Dane—now named Millie—especially caught the heart and attention of staffers. I've included a photo of her condition below, along with a few other images from the rescue.

Great Dane rescued from Virginia puppy mill

Dog rescued from Virginia puppy mill is examined

Two dogs rescued from Virginia puppy mill

Yorkie rescued from Virginia puppy mill

Photos credit Kathleen Summers/The HSUS

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