Postcards from Our Animal Care Centers

By on September 17, 2009 with 0 Comments By Wayne Pacelle

Earlier this week, HSUS staff enjoyed a lunchtime presentation by the directors of our animal care centers, and the sense of pride in the room was palpable. When you combine The HSUS’s five animal care facilities with our vigorous field work, there is no other group that has the range of hands-on care services for animals. We have wildlife centers in Massachusetts, California and Florida, our Duchess Sanctuary in Oregon for horses, and the Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch, which cares for more than 1,000 animals, in east Texas.

The breadth and commitment of work at each of these facilities is awe-inspiring, with dozens of species being cared for and offered a second chance. Each of the residents—some temporary and some permanent—carries a special story, and today I wanted to give you just a glimpse, sharing a photo from each of the five facilities. I encourage you to visit the websites of each to dig deeper into their work and learn more about the animals who find safe harbor with us.

Opossum babies enjoy a meal at the SPCA Wildlife Care Center:

Opossum babies enjoy a meal at SPCA Wildlife Care Center

Coyotes howl at The Fund for Animals Wildlife Center:

Coyotes howl at The Fund for Animals Wildlife Center

A calf befriends a longtime resident at Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch:

Calf befriends a cow at Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch

A dovekie, blown ashore during a storm, is retrieved by the Cape Wildlife Center:

A dovekie, blown ashore during a storm, retrieved by Cape Wildlife Center

A horse grazes at Duchess Sanctuary:

Horse grazes at Duchess Sanctuary

Wildlife/Marine Mammals

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