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By on September 29, 2009 with 0 Comments By Wayne Pacelle

If a look could convey a request for rescue, that’s what the young guy below seems to be asking of us. He was one of more than 100 border collies removed from squalid conditions at a puppy mill last week in Portland, Tenn. In response to allegations of cruelty and neglect the Sumner County Sheriff's Department had called us in to handle the removal, transport and placement of the dogs and to help gather evidence. It's your support that allows us to conduct these operations and deliver animals from these appalling conditions and into new, better lives.

Dog removed from All Around Border Collies in Portland, Tenn.; HSUS photo

And an update: I recently brought you up to speed on the long-running cruelty case involving William Hanson who, with his wife Tammy, was convicted in Arkansas in 2006 on 20 counts of animal cruelty for mistreatment of dogs, and who then was brought on charges in recent weeks in Vermont. Hanson fled Vermont before he could be arrested and was a fugitive. Thanks to two tipsters (who will both receive a $1,250 reward from The HSUS) who simultaneously provided information about his whereabouts, he has been apprehended and he’ll be extradited to Arkansas. And 22 dogs relinquished by Hanson have been transported back to shelters in New England by The HSUS, where they will be placed for adoption. We can only hope that this marks the end of this tragic story and we send our immense gratitude to the citizens who provided the tips and the humane and law enforcement authorities in multiple states who worked together to close this chapter.

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