Dogs Delivered from Evil

By on October 19, 2009 with 0 Comments By Wayne Pacelle

I just wish that every person thinking about buying a dog from a pet store, from an Internet site, or from a parking lot or other roadside setting would watch our video of our recent Arkansas puppy mill raid—and then, in acquiring a dog, go to a shelter or rescue group instead. Working with the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office, The HSUS delivered more than 90 dogs from one of the most appalling settings we’ve dealt with in a while—and that’s saying something, since our team has done 16 puppy mill raids this year, and rescued nearly 3,000 dogs from the mass commercial breeding operations.

Johnson County, Arkansas puppy mill

These dogs, mostly Pekingese, Yorkies and other small breeds, were suffering from severe matting, parasite infestation, eye injuries, and skin and dental infections. One older Pekingese was so matted that her hair was grown around the bars of her cage, like a vine wrapped around a fence. We had to literally cut her out of her wire prison. The property owner walked by this trapped dog every day and, evidently, was so emotionally disconnected from her suffering that she did nothing to mitigate the situation. Many of the dogs seemed to have little life in them—they were so emotionally traumatized by their fate. But dogs do have an amazing ability to rebound from such circumstances, if they are given the right care and heaping doses of love, and that is our great hope in this case.

They are now recuperating at the Washington Animal Rescue League. Once nursed back to health, they will be adopted into the right homes.

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