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By on October 23, 2009 with 0 Comments By Wayne Pacelle

Yesterday, I gave you thoughts on engagement and doing more in your daily lives to improve the circumstances for animals. Your participation is so important to us. And so is your voice. I see this blog as a give-and-take—I share my thoughts and then look forward to hearing yours. Let's keep the conversation going. Here's a sampler of your comments on some recent posts.

In response to the video I posted Monday, documenting our rescue of more than 90 dogs from an Arkansas puppy mill:

Our poor companions, to have to live like this. I am constantly half-hearted, because the other half of me sits in cages with animals like this. Shame on these people. —Heather Hoffman

I saw (and shared) the photos on Facebook—it was absolutely heartbreaking to see the utter despair in some of those dogs' eyes. I wept for them and renewed my pledge to continue educating my friends and colleagues about the horrors perpetuated by so many of those who breed animals solely for profit. The animal rescuers have my heartfelt gratitude and admiration for the work they do—and the low lives who think this is a remotely acceptable way to behave deserve punishment to the full extent (limited though that is, in my opinion) of the law. —Urbancritter

As a proud Arkansan it sickens me to see this. People are so intent on making money off these poor animals that they lose all sense of what is right and wrong. As long as people insist on purchasing "purebred" puppies these mills will continue to grow. Can we stop looking at dogs as accessories and look at them as the companions that they are? That would be a start. —Tonya

When I saw the video of your raid on the Arkansas puppy mill, I was both distressed and happy. I was distressed to see the appalling conditions and abuse those precious little dears had been subjected to, but happy they were rescued by the wonderful men and women of the HSUS and will eventually be adopted into loving homes. Thank God for organizations like yours that are indeed a voice for the animals. As a long-time contributor to the HSUS, I say "thanks," and keep up the good work, Wayne. —Diane Cooper

Thank you HSUS. People, please adopt from shelters. Those of you that want purebreds, I can't figure out why you must, but here is proof you can adopt the same dogs in shelters that you would pay thousands of dollars for. And you can then save that money and donate to the Humane Society or programs like this, to put this horror to an end. —Linda Obuchoska

Reacting to last week's unveiling of the Philadelphia Eagles' Treating Animals With Kindness (TAWK) program, a new community outreach initiative focused on reducing the abuse of animals, promoting adoption, encouraging spay/neuter, and ending dogfighting:

As someone who grew up in the Delaware Valley just northeast of Philly, I have tears of joy in my eyes as I read about all of these recent exponential developments in the cause of humane treatment of animals. I never doubted HSUS, but to see the Eagles management come on board so strongly and to see so much happening (and the end dogfighting training program coming to Philadelphia) is incredible. Great work so far!!! —Sue

Even though I am a Cowboys fan, I must say "Go Eagles" in this case. Every cloud has a silver lining; I admire this organization for bringing Vick's issue to the forefront and doing something positive, especially having Vick speak at the education programs, featuring players doing good and fun things with their dogs, and giving money to help dog welfare organizations. —Karen Kennedy

This is absolutely fabulous news! I am hoping more NFL teams follow the Eagles’ footsteps! How great would that be! So many fans watch football and for more NFL teams to back up animal cruelty issues would be wonderful! —Karen Wagner

While you grappled so hard with your decision regarding Michael Vick, Wayne, your decision is paying off big time! Kudos to you and all the animals! —Valerie Murphy Greene

Great story and program; hopefully other NFL franchises will come on board. I would also like to commend Vick for the sincere effort of taking a horrible tragedy he was involved in and turning himself around, speaking out against animal cruelty and dogfighting especially with the inner-city urban youth who look up to him as a role model. If he changes one young mind it's worth all the effort. —DeniseA

In response to a guest post from Michael Greger, M.D., The HSUS's director of public health and animal agriculture, about the genetic engineering of farm animals for the American food supply:

So disturbing and sad….what can we do to stop this from happening? It seems as though big business wins out again and again. I've become a vegetarian (almost vegan) over this issue and am so saddened at the state of farming today. Not only do the animals deserve better, Americans deserve better. Surely we are not a country of people who support these practices…?!? —Kate Esaia

I think Gene Bauer also wrote in his book that pigs are so heavy that all they can do is lie around, which is why they're always on their backs at the local sanctuary. I think it's an atrocious practice to deform animals for their meat so they're constantly in pain and have difficulty walking. What have we become? —Sara N

I am shocked that genetic tampering of livestock is legal! The American consumer needs to be made aware of this and informed. Thank you Wayne for bringing this Frankenstein farming into the light. —MA

What a shame that this is the way we treat our animal friends. I recently learned that production is not the only "selective" breeding that causes great suffering to animals. The horse industry also breeds to meet artificial standards set by humans. —Becky Walters

And about “The Conscious Cook,” a just-released book of meatless recipes from chef Tal Ronnen:

Another cookbook to add to the arsenal—my goal isn't to turn my friends and family onto purely veg*n cooking, but to ease them into understanding the benefits of a plant-based diet, regardless of their personal ethics. You should have a monthly cookbook feature here on the blog; keep us all up to date on the latest releases! —Lisa S.

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