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By on October 27, 2009 with 0 Comments By Wayne Pacelle

Many readers responded with excitement to a before and after story posted last week about a senior Chihuahua who was among more than 700 dogs rescued from a Kaufman County, Texas puppy mill in August. Here are some of your comments about Queen Tillie:

Reading this article and seeing this “after” picture just brought tears to my eyes. How wonderful that sweet little Tillie has a loving forever home! This just brings total joy to my heart! —Denay Kelley

See how much of a difference love can bring to an animal even when he or she has gone through much pain and suffering. What a darling little dog Tillie is and I am so happy she FINALLY has a good family to care for her. It will be a great day when there are no more puppy mills anywhere! —Misty Hay

I can relate to the story of Tillie. We have eight little dogs of our own, most Chihuahua or Chihuahua mix. We also do little dog rescue. Right now we have an 8-10 year-old male, Idaho, who is so sweet. His manners are wonderful and we hope to find him a forever home. It's harder with the older dogs, so if we don't find him a home then that's okay, he will make number 9 for us. We average 10 to 12 dogs a year that come through our home. It is so sad that even dogs not associated with puppy mills are cast out like trash. So much love in these little hearts. —Theresa McCraw

Seeing her happy little face brought tears to my eyes. I simply cannot understand what some people are thinking. How can anyone treat such a sweetheart so badly? Kudos to all the wonderful people who adopt animals and give them such good homes. —Becky Walters

Thank you Wayne for all you do; these are wonderful stories to share. One day I hope to join HSUS with animal rescues. Starting to take courses now that will allow me to participate. —Phyllis Lynch

This brought tears to my eyes, as usual, when I saw little Tillie in her previous nightmarish enclosure. I am so happy for Queen Tillie and her new family! What wonderful news that she is now in a safe and loving home. These puppy mills are so sickening and disgusting and I really wish the laws were more severe for these monsters that run them. I will continue saying my prayers for all animals. Queen Tillie, Glenda and Tony–I am so happy for all of you. Wayne, I cannot say it enough–each and every one of you at HSUS and HSI are absolutely wonderful! May God bless all of you and the animals too! —Karen Wagner 

Please send this to Gov. Arnold of California … He needs to see this and sign the puppy mill bill that is so desperately needed ASAP. Take back the veto and do the right thing, Governor. —Lisa Robertt

You also shared feedback on my list of 50 Things You Can Do for Animals and The HSUS:

THANK YOU SO MUCH! This blog is fantastic! I have forwarded it to everyone I know. My friends and family all know I'm an animal advocate and support my passion for helping animals. This list has something for everyone, so they can each participate in their own ways and at their own pace. This helps me to help the animal welfare movement. —Bernadette "Brett" Miller

You forgot one very important way to help—remember the HSUS in your will! —Diane Follet

I love the Humane Society for always trying to remind people of the ways they can make little and simple changes in their everyday lives that are so beneficial to the Earth and her creatures!!! —Mary Killmon

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