Three Stops in Confronting Animal Cruelty

By on November 19, 2009 with 0 Comments By Wayne Pacelle

Yesterday, I wrote about our rescue effort in French Canada that delivered nearly 100 dogs from truly miserable living conditions, just before the onset of winter and an even more dangerous time for these creatures. Today, I update you on some other actions we’ve undertaken just this week to turn around bad situations for animals.

In Florida, we responded to a former cat rescue operation gone bad. After receiving a continuous stream of complaints about a cat facility, we assisted local authorities with an investigation and the rescue of more than 600 cats from the property, many of whom were ill and neglected. It was a classic case of good intentions gone awry, where the property owners lost control of the situation and intervention was needed.


Meanwhile, in Kansas, we helped with a cockfighting raid that netted two individuals allegedly involved in the activity, and more than 150 roosters. It’s the first bust in Kansas since we elevated the penalty of cockfighting to a felony in that state—demonstrating yet again that with stronger laws comes enhanced enforcement.

And speaking of enforcement, this week we announced our partnership with the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office to launch a 24-hour dogfighting tip line. In the nation’s second largest city, where police battle a wide range of other criminal conduct, we unveiled this new tool and collaborative program to crack down on this vicious crime.

I remind people that there’s not a week that goes by without major new initiatives and outcomes here at The HSUS—work of remarkable diversity, work that prevents cruelty, work that saves lives, work that betters our communities.

It happens only because of our unyielding determination and the support of our members and partners.

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