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By on November 30, 2009 with 0 Comments By Wayne Pacelle

It was a busy couple of weeks for The HSUS’s Emergency Services team, with back-to-back deployments in Maryland (carriage horses), Quebec (sled dogs) and Tennessee (horses), among others. The news of rescue missions stirred your passions, and you issued encomiums of praise for our staff and volunteers who conducted these actions.

On the ongoing operation in Bradyville, Tenn. where, coordinating with the Cannon County Sheriff's Department, we rescued 84 horses from squalid conditions and continue to work to bring them back to health:

I'm so thankful for the work of the HSUS and the many volunteers who came out to make such a difference in these animals’ lives. Great job everyone! —Debra Martin

This just broke my heart; the horror these wonderful animals had to endure at the hands of lousy humans! I know the horses that were saved and are in the care of caring animal lovers will come along well. Thanks to the Humane Society for all you do!!! —Misty Hay

A big thank you to all staff and volunteers for saving these animals! How could anyone see the condition of these horses day after day and think it's okay? Watching this video and seeing the sorry shape of these horses was heartbreaking. Kudos to the sheriff for arresting these two! Being in Canada, it's hard to physically help, but I gladly help financially when I can. Thank you Wayne for keeping these stories in the forefront as I know many people are not aware of how much cruelty really goes on in our world. —Nancy Ball

I am so glad to see these horses rescued, and what helpful volunteers! I am also glad to see HSUS get on board with wild horses, and their near extinction. Seems like we don't see much about horse issues. Being a horse advocate, I am relieved to see some of these topics exposed to the animal community. —Barb Beck

As tears stream down my face as I watch the video of our fellow creatures, and on the eve of the day of giving thanks, I am thankful for the Humane Society and all who care enough to free God's creatures from suffering. —Caroline Kelly, Athens, Ga.

I can rest in peace knowing my alliance with the HSUS produces such majestic progress. We can all gave thanks for this miraculous rescue. —Aliesha Alexandar

And among your responses to the rescue of approximately 100 neglected sled dogs in Quebec:

Oh my gosh. I grew up with two huskies in our home. Such proud, brave and loving animals. I am so glad you rescued them. I will be writing and alerting my Canadian relatives to support tougher laws in Canada. Thank you for what you've done. —Lenore

Unfortunately the conditions that are shown in the sled dog video are not unusual. This is the life of sled dogs across Canada and the United States, a fate as bad as puppy mill dogs. Tied on short chains, deprived of medical attention, and fed sporadically. I hope a campaign similar to the puppy mill campaign can be started to stop this horrible practice. —Mike

Bravo to the brave and wonderful souls that rescue these beautiful animals! —Keri Keyser

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all involved in this rescue! I watched the video and was heartbroken to see these beautiful animals living like this. I am so happy they are on their way to the life they so deserve. The human spirit of all of you is just so amazing! I just cannot thank all of you enough at HSUS, HSI and all the volunteers out there. Just incredible! Scotlund and Rebecca, you are just wonderful!! May God bless each and every one of you and the animals too! —Karen Wagner

I have known for a number of years about the awful life of sled dogs and am appalled. Glad these ones were rescued in time and wish all the other dogs could be taken away from that awful life. —Misty Hay

Thank God for the HSUS's Emergency Services. Every time I read about a rescue I hold my breath praying for a good outcome. I pray these huskies get the very best loving forever homes. This is the reason my husband and I donate to HSUS so you can carry on the angels’ work. —Lisa Robertt, California

Great Dane Millie, rescued from Virginia puppy mill, with her puppies
Millie and her puppies in October.

Lastly, I wanted to share an update I received into the blog. In August I posted a photo of Millie, an emaciated, pregnant Great Dane who was among almost 100 dogs removed from a deplorable puppy mill in Virginia. Millie has recuperated well and, a few weeks after her rescue, delivered nine puppies. Tammy, the adopter of one of these puppies, recently shared this message:

Our family has been BLESSED to adopt one of Millie's puppies. Our Max is a beautiful and sweet-natured puppy. My favorite thing is telling people that he is a rescue dog. They are stunned and I am proud! Thank you HSUS and SPCA for bringing such a fabulous animal into our family.

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